Joe Rogan chastises ‘nervous’ Pelosi defense of alleged congressional insider trading

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) raised eyebrows two weeks ago when she appeared to defend members of Congress engaging in insider trading on the stock market by way of a claim that they have a right to participate in the “free market economy.”

But that hasn’t sat right with many Americans, including popular podcaster Joe Rogan, who seemed stunned at the speaker’s position defending potential insider trading and concluded, “That seems like it’s a problem,” according to The Daily Wire.

The remarks from Pelosi came in response to a question about a number of Congress members and their staffers being caught this year in violation of the STOCK Act, a 2012 ethics law that imposes reporting requirements for transparency purposes and bans insider trading by members, their staffers, and their families.

Pelosi’s odd defense

It was during a Dec. 15 news conference that Speaker Pelosi was asked about a recent investigative report that revealed how 49 members of Congress and 182 senior staffers had violated the law. The reporter sought Pelosi’s reaction to that report, and asked if members and their spouses should be specifically banned from trading individual stocks altogether.

“No, I don’t — no, to the second one,” Pelosi replied. “Any — we have a responsibility to report in the stock — on the stock. But I don’t — I’m not familiar with that five-month review, but if the people aren’t reporting, they should be.”

Pressed on why members shouldn’t be banned from trading individual stocks, she responded, “Because this is a free market and people — we are a free market economy. They should be able to participate in that.”

About a week after those statements were made by Pelosi, Joe Rogan and a pair of guests on his show discussed with some anger and disbelief what had been said by the ultra-wealthy politician.

She looked “nervous”

Rogan first ripped the “genius con game” many politicians engage in to get rich, typically after leaving office, that involved well-compensated speaking engagements at companies the politicians had grown close to, or by way of writing books that were virtually guaranteed to be top sellers.

But then there is also illegal insider trading, which Rogan described as “It’s like, you know something, and because you know something, you can’t make a move on the market because you have inside information.”

After watching the clip of Pelosi’s remarks a couple of times, the podcaster noted, “Have you ever seen a person look more nervous?” He then added that, “She’s giving this like very simplistic, almost vague answer.”

“Because should you be allowed to participate in the stock market when you’re influencing the direction of the stock, or when you know which direction something’s going to go in? Or when you’re going to pass a law that’s going to benefit these businesses, that’s going to force the stock to go up, and you know that, so you invest a s–t ton of money before it happens?” he said.

“That seems like a problem. That seems like it’s a problem. Now why is that not a problem? Because we’re f–king co-opted,” Rogan added with disgust.

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