Romney calls Biden immigration policy ‘de facto child separation’

With migrant children overwhelming the southern border, President Joe Biden has desperately tried to blame a crisis caused by his own far-left policies on Donald Trump. Not even Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) is foolish enough to go there.

The senator called out Biden for failing to consider the “power of incentives” and labeled Biden’s immigration policy a “de facto” form of child separation, the Washington Examiner reported.

Biden’s spin attempts

In just a matter of weeks, Biden has taken a hatchet to Trump’s no-nonsense immigration policies, with predictable results: masses of migrants are rushing the border, expecting to be let in and allowed to settle in America with no hassle.

Biden has attempted to spin this mess as the collateral damage of an effort to make immigration more “humane” after Trump, who he blames for leaving behind a “broken” system that separated families. In particular, Biden is not deporting unaccompanied minors.

But Biden’s moral posturing is as empty as it is harmful: as Romney put it, Biden is de facto separating children from their families by giving them a rational incentive to overwhelm the border.

“The Biden administration’s lack of understanding of the power of incentives continues to baffle me: allowing unaccompanied minors to stay in the U.S. will yield a flood of unaccompanied minors,” Romney said Monday.

“It’s de facto ‘child separation policy,'” he added.

Biden’s border negligence

Biden has been forced to house children in “cages,” the ones he promised to close, as his administration struggles to accommodate the surge. His foolishness guarantees the situation will get worse.

On Monday, shocking images surfaced from Axios of children in a facility in Donna, Texas, which was recently reported to be at 729% its capacity.

Biden is keeping at least 5,000 kids in Border Patrol facilities meant for adults, many past a 72-hour legal limit. More than 100,000 migrants were apprehended at the border in February, and the Department of Homeland Security says border crossings are nearing 20-year highs.

There’s nothing “humane” or sensible about encouraging immigrants to overwhelm a system that can’t process or properly treat them. Neither is it fair to America to let a crisis get this bad, then allow migrants into the country without even a perfunctory expectation that they follow a legal process.

Not even Trump’s most sanctimonious opponents can justify what’s happening at the border. Only a true partisan hack could.

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16 Responses

    1. That’s exactly right, President Trump was so bad about putting them in Obama’s cages but at least they were treated better then they are now.

  1. As compared to Biden’s ignorance, or lying, at least Romney cares about the welfare of the illegal children being admitted to the USA, and their woes.

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  3. Hey rid of biden and his administration. Kick all democrats when that go home out of where they live. We do not care for them or illegals or muslims. Take that racist harris ho and her niece that will open her legs for anything , ship them africa.

  4. It continues to say Biden stabbed in the back by dems. Hells bells push it in good and hard !! GET THEM OUT !!

  5. Is there such a rule that says we can fire a President other than by an election???
    I’m all for it. He’s a disaster. Period!!!!!

  6. The 2 party system is a good system,we don’t want a 1 party system the reason it is very dangorus, we know countries that are and how they function, but we have a group of dangerous Democrats hell bent on total control. We the American people will fight to the death before this takes place. America as we know it is a captalist society, not liveing from gov hand outs,the crumbs that we have in the WH are trying their damnist to create a socioulst economey history has proven time and time again this form of gov does’t work never did never will.

  7. It is time to impeach Biden an Harris they do not know what they are doing in there they are going to miss this country all up and it only taking them a half a term I hate to see what the rest of his and her term it’s going to be like if this this little bit of time they screwed the country up it’s a sad sad World we’re living in today

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