Sen. Romney censured by Utah county GOP over votes to impeach Trump

Republicans who sided with Democrats in the failed impeachment efforts against former President Trump are finding out there are political consequences for their actions.

The latest to learn that lesson is Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who has been censured by the Weber County Republican Party in Utah over his votes to convict former President Donald Trump in two separate impeachment trials, The Hill reported.

According to County Party Secretary Jill Koford, the measure to formally censure Utah’s junior senator was passed with a vote of 116-97.

Formally censured for impeachment votes

The two-page resolution noted that Romney was the “lone Republican” to vote with Democrats to convict Trump in the first impeachment trial in early 2020. The senator again sided with Democrats in 2021, voting to convict Trump in the second impeachment trial.

The resolution pointed out that the other six Republican senators who voted to convict Trump in the second impeachment trial received some measure of accountability for their actions in their home states, and decried Romney’s vote to convict Trump “without sufficient evidence” as being “both unjust and unethical.”

Thus, “The Weber County Republican Convention censures Mitt Romney for his votes to convict President Trump in two U.S. Senate impeachment trials which denied the President due process, allowed falsified evidence, did not provide adequate time for an investigation, and did not follow the U.S. Constitution which states a President may only be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Other GOP impeachment votes suffering consequences

The Hill also noted that while Romney was the sole Republican vote for conviction in the 2020 impeachment trial, he was joined in 2021 by six other Republican senators — Sens. Richard Burr (NC), Bill Cassidy (LA), Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Ben Sasse (NE), and Pat Toomey (PA).

Of those, Sens. Burr, Cassidy, Murkowski, and Toomey have faced censure from a county or state GOP entity.

Meanwhile, this censure of Romney from the Weber County GOP comes roughly a week after the senator barely dodged a censure from the statewide Utah GOP over the same issue after he was loudly booed and jeered by Republicans at the Utah GOP Convention, according to The Daily Wire.

Trump: “BAD NEWS for our Country!”

There is little love lost between Romney and Trump, as the two have clashed repeatedly since the 2016 election cycle and neither has been hesitant to speak ill of the other.

In a statement issued Monday, Trump said, “After being loudly booed at the Utah Republican Party Convention, Utah’s Weber County censured RINO Mitt Romney in the strongest of terms. Washington County Republicans also censured Romney in April. He is BAD NEWS for our Country!”

The impact these county party-level censures will have on Romney’s political future remains unclear, given that he was elected in 2018 and doesn’t face Utah voters again until 2024. Nevertheless, this issue likely won’t go away entirely between now and then, and Utah voters may well remember what Romney did when he shows up on the ballot once again.

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18 Responses

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  3. I believe that Mitt Romney is not good for our country he has such a hatred for Trump that is disturbing and not of sound mind. Trump did a lot of good things for our country and always put our country first. He was always working to better our lives. Under Biden I do not feel safe and secure like I did under Trump Biden does not know what he is doing or what he talks about it is really scary. The democrats really did us harm putting senile Biden in office.

  4. If Mitt was the Honest Mormon with secret Bank Accounts overseas to avoid paying Taxes in the US, how that crook dared to vote against President Trump??

    1. In THIS Mormon’s mind, and while I have my own sins to account for, Romney is NOT an honest Mormon. He’s arrogant and has a high opinion of himself that isn’t shared by most of the family and friends I have living in Utah! Nor most Republicans in general. A group of Republicans out there put up a large billboard with his picture on it that says, “Hey, Mitt…Just Quit!” I loved seeing that when I was there for a nephew’s wedding last October. 🙂

  5. Mitt Romney should become a DEMOCRAT. He hated President Trump because Trump won the election and was working to MAGA. Under Puppet BIDEN/HARRIS, our country has become even more divided. HARRIS does not follow BIDEN’S requests to visit the borders and BIDEN is very quickly sinking the economy & making life very difficult for average Americans. Just wait till prices of EVERYTHING goes thru the roof thanks to BIDEN’S poor leadership. He cannot control his dog or his VP!

    1. I don’t know if Bejing Biden hates the USA or is just a traitor who loves money more than our country? When you’re willing to sellout your country for a few pieces of gold, it speaks volumes of your devotion to God & country!

  6. I believe that Republicans should stick together no matter what. That is how the democrats operate. Right or wrong they stick together. And they don’t care who gets run over.
    The Republicans should also shoulder themselves. Unless there is lawlessness in the party, they should stick together against the democrats.
    I am still waiting for RINOS to tell me, when did President lie and what about? The biggest lie about him is that he is a racist. 10 million people of all colors were living comfortably under President Trumps term. No ethnic group was left out. President Trump instilled pride and integrity in individuals who took advantage of the jobs he created in his term.
    On the contrary. The democrats have destroyed incentives and have created sluggards, derelicts, couch potatoes, idlers, deadbeats, loafers in biden’s 100 days. He has proven that democrats will buy votes with free money and freebies. You can’t instill dignity in a person by paying him to stay home.

  7. Mitt is à never Trumper hate président Trump just as much as Pelosi Schumer schiff Hollywood and the liberal media only he mascarades as a Republican.

  8. He needs to get out of the Republican Party. He is a constant detriment to all we stand for. We don’t want he voting against everything the Republicans set forward for the next 4 years. Romney, join the Democrats where you belong!!

  9. Everyone elected to public office should be given a lie detector test before accepting the roll in the position they were elected to if our law enforcement can use this tool then we as the 50 man but this practice takes place so we can get a really good feeling for honest politicians

  10. well this is great news for the republican party we need supporters and not people who always is fighting against us so it was nice knowing him i voted for him when he was running for president. what a big mistake it would been if he would have been the president

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