Ron Paul hospitalized after slurring speech during live broadcast

Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul was rushed to the hospital Friday after showing some unusual behavior during a live broadcast of his web series Liberty Report, the Daily Caller reported.

The longtime lawmaker and father of current Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) began to slur his speech as one side of his face noticeably drooped, video of the segment showed. That clip has since been made private but was widely circulated across the internet.

“God’s healing hand”

Medical attention was reportedly soon available for the 85-year-old Paul, who retired from politics in 2013 after representing Texas in the House as both a Republican and Libertarian.

He remains an active and influential voice within the current political climate, though. At the time of his recent medical episode, he was discussing federal stimulus funds related to the coronavirus.

News of his hospitalization led to an outpouring of well wishes and support across various social media platforms, including from Reps. Scott Perry (R-PA) and Thomas Massie (R-KY). One notable fellow Texan offered his family’s prayers in a heartfelt tweet.

“Heidi [and] I are lifting up in prayer [Ron Paul] and [Rand Paul] and their family,” current Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) tweeted. “May God’s healing hand be upon Dr. Paul, and may God’s Peace and Grace be upon the entire family.”

As it turned out, the situation was apparently not as serious as it first appeared. Fox News Channel’s Chad Pergram posted an update citing a source who confirmed Paul had been “hospitalized for ‘precautionary’ reasons.”

“Dad is doing well”

A short time later, the younger Paul shared a photo of his father lying in his hospital bed. Ron Paul could be seen giving a thumbs-up sign as his son confirmed that he was OK.

“Thank God, Dad is doing well,” the senator tweeted, according to NBC News. “Thank you for all your prayers today.”

Rand Paul’s older brother, Ronnie Paul, also provided an update.

“My Dad is walking, talking and in good spirits while he seeks medical attention. Health scares like this are always concerning, but Dad is in great shape and grateful for everyone’s concern,” he told NBC.

Fortunately, it appears Ron Paul escaped a potentially severe outcome thanks in part to swift intervention. This episode nevertheless emphasizes the importance of paying attention to possible changes in behavior that could signal a more serious condition.

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