Royal experts predict Meghan Markle could skip Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Upon Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, while the world deals with the grief of losing one of the most popular and longest-serving public figures in modern world history, drama surrounds the coming days regarding Meghan Markle and whether or not she’ll attend the Queen’s funeral.

According to Fox News, an expert on the royal family, Former British public affairs official Shannon Felton Spence, explained that Markle and husband Prince Harry were already in Europe for traveling purposes when the Queen passed away, noting that Markle could fly back to California before the funeral services, to be with her children. 

Spence says it’s a matter of not leaving the children back in the states for weeks, instead of the original six-day planned Euro trip.

“Harry will likely stay in the U.K. until the funeral. I can’t imagine Meghan won’t attend, but again from a human perspective, Meghan was expecting to leave the kids for six days, not weeks, so [it] may not be possible for her to stay the whole time,” Spence said.

The schedule

Prince Harry and Markle were expected to attend the WellChild Awards in London on Thursday night, an awards show and fundraising event for ill children. Harry was set to give a speech.

Fox News described a swift change in plans for the two on Thursday:

However, the Duke of Sussex rushed to Balmoral Castle in Scotland to be with the royal family after doctors became concerned for the queen’s health. He arrived at Aberdeen airport at 6:46 p.m. GMT, 16 minutes after the royal family announced her death at 6:30 p.m., according to flight tracking data.

While Harry had rushed to the airport to get home to Balmoral Castle after the Queen’s health took a serious turn, Markle stayed behind in London, which naturally sparked media coverage and gossip angles.

Notably, Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton, also stayed behind with the couple’s children, as it was their first day of school.

Spence also noted that she believes tensions are still running high in the family, even at the most dire of times, as most of the royal members took separate flights back to Balmoral.

Stop the public feud

“The family will be keen to play down the ‘feud’ narrative, given their more pressing new issues, processing the enormity of the death of the Queen and the intense scrutiny faced by King Charles as he settles into his new role,” said royal expert Eloise Parker.

She added: “It’s clear that both Harry and William are deeply committed to very different kinds of lives and priorities at this point in time. There was definitely a sense of estrangement, particularly given that he and William were historically such a tight unit. A decade ago, they would almost certainly have arrived or left together.”

As the carefully orchestrated chain of events takes place over the next week or so in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, there’s no telling what level of Hollywood drama could, unfortunately, make its way into the headlines.