Rumblings of dissent as Democrats rally behind Biden in 2024

Even as Democrats have appeared to rally behind Joe Biden’s prospective re-election bid, there are rumblings of dissent as some continue to express concern about the octogenarian president’s age. 

The New York Times reports that “misgivings” linger within the party about Biden, who turned 80 this month.

Dems express reservations about Biden

Among those who are unsure about Biden 2024 is David Axelrod, the Obama strategist.

“If he were 60 and not 80, there would be absolutely no doubt,” Axelrod said.

Democratic strategist Tyler Jones conceded that it would be “foolish and counterproductive” to sweep questions about Biden’s fitness under the rug, saying, “the burden is on Biden to show the country that he can not just win in ’24, but lead for the next four years.”

Biden admitted in October that his age was a “legitimate” concern and even said he could “drop dead tomorrow.” But that was then, and this is now.

Many Democrats are rallying behind Biden as the party’s best hope of defeating Donald Trump, who declared his candidacy this month, after Biden avoided a widely anticipated rebuke in the midterm elections.

Rally round the puppet

Reporting on the mood shift, the Times cited an 11-point jump in Democratic voters’ confidence since August that Biden can win re-election.

Leading Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) and California governor Gavin Newsom (D) have endorsed the president, with Newsom telling Politico that he has no plans to run in 2024 even if Biden does not.

“He not only beat Trump once, I think he can beat him again,” he said. “I hope he runs, I’ll enthusiastically support him.”

Even those who are publicly skeptical of Biden speak in deferential tones of their puppet leader.

“I just still have some concerns about him running again. Part of it does have to do with his age,” said Shelia Huggins of North Carolina, a member of the Democratic National Committee.