Wife announces Rush Limbaugh’s death from complications of lung cancer at age 70

Iconic radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday morning from complications related to stage four lung cancer, his wife Kathryn announced at the beginning of the show’s broadcast. 

“I know that I am most certainly not the Limbaugh you tuned in to listen to today,” she said to begin her announcement. “I, like you, very much wish Rush was behind this microphone right now.”

“It is with profound sadness I must share with you directly that our beloved Rush, my wonderful husband, passed away this morning from complications from lung cancer,” she said with a tremor in her voice.

“Rush will forever be the greatest of all time,” Kathryn Limbaugh eugologized her husband, speaking of his kindness and respect for others, even while in the hospital with staff members during his last days.

“A tremendous void”

“From today on there will be a tremendous void in our lives and of course on the radio. Rush loved our miraculous country beyond measure” along with the military, flag and founding fathers, she said.

She added, “He proudly fought and defended conservative values in a way that no one else can,” and spoke of America as a place of unparalleled opportunities.

Rush had “irreplaceable, remarkable talent,” his wife declared. He was on the radio as a conservative talk host for 32 years and spent most of that time as the top-rated radio host on all of the platform.

His show drew tens of millions of weekly listeners who tuned in to hear him talk about conservative issues, personalities, and other news that interested him and his listeners.

“May we all continue Rush’s mission”

Rush’s last day on the air was February 2, but this was not unusual because in recent months, he had missed a week or more at a time due to what he called “treatment week” and the fatigue that it caused.

Kathryn thanked the audience for their prayers and for supporting Limbaugh, and told the audience that he loved them and was now encouraging them from heaven.

“May we all continue Rush’s mission in our individual lives and communities,” she finished her statement.

Limbaugh is irreplaceable in the conservative media, and his loss will reverberate far across conservatism for a long time to come.

God bless you, Mr. Limbaugh, and may you enjoy your eternal reward!

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27 Responses

  1. I think, Glen Beck should pick up the, “Torch” from Rush! Glen will not replace him but he can continue where Rush left off! Beck informed us of many, “Evil” people in the USA. I had never heard of George Soros before Beck brought his name to the American public, He also called out, Vernon Jones and many other, “Anti-American” Dangers to us, yes, Beck should, carry on for Rush! America needs to awaken to the threats we face and the people who are trying to bring it down!

    1. Rush was one of the greatest. He was not afraid to tell it like it was and you knew it was the truth. I think George Soros is America’s biggest problem. I believe he is funding the terrorist groups here in the USA and the Democrats are protecting them and Soros. Why are the Black Lives Matter and the Antifa allowed to destroy America and no one trying to stop them ?

      1. Rush Family should continue his legacy . Find someone in the family to host his amazing talk show for conservatives . Do not close his talkshow please . A big loss for America.

  2. Dear Mrs. L – I am so sorry. Your husband will be sorely missed. He was absolutely one of a kind There was a reason why he had so many – and such faithful listeners. He will be copied but never replaced

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  4. I’m in a deep and emotional loss with Rush’s loss. I listened to him religiously as he was my mentor, guiding light and well spring to keep me going during the unbelievable times we have endured through the Obama years and now the nauseating Biden period. The big question who will come forward not to replace Rush but champion his call for our country.

  5. I feel your tremendous sadness and would like to offer you my deepest sympathy. I too will miss him and look forward to Heaven to see him. He was the greatest, in his field, of all time. May he rest, being with our Savior, and may you have peace knowing you will see him again.
    Sincerely yours,
    Rachel A Lyons, Sykesville, Md.

  6. Not many have a backbone like Rush did. Someone needs to step up with the truth about the Democratic party out to destroy America. China joe and his cabinet need shut down and arrested for treason. Every democrats in Congress needs throw out of Congress for crimes against the American people. Military better get in gear and stop being woke or just plain unamerican. Joe Biden is a great danger to America and its freedoms and the people lives.

  7. We all knew he would be leaving us soon, but still hard to believe. I remember going to see him in Ft. Collins at Dan’s bake sale in 1993. He woke up patriotic, America loving citizens. He will be sorely missed. Hopefully God will send another “Rush” soon!

  8. Rest in peach Rush. I have listen to you since 1990. I pray for Kathyn and David.

    The only person that could replace Rush is President Trump.

  9. GOD bless you Mrs. Limbaugh and God bless His friends and family. I have followed Ruch on the radio for years. We truly loved Him and we will miss Him sooooo much. Every time I think of Him I want to cry. I considered him as a great man of truth. He loved us. He was an Angel on earth. We had him in our life each day for awhile. Mrs. Limbaugh I will pray for you in this sad time for the world. His voice was so loud He was heard in heaven where he is now.

  10. Thank you for writing to the public, Kathryn. We all feel so badly for you and for all of us too as we will also miss Rush so much. I have listened to him ever since I was real young, and appreciated him and learned so much from him. It made me so angry when people said they didn’t like him and I couldn’t understand how anyone could not like him. He did a wonderful job for our country and will always be remembered by us. The Lord bless you and comfort you.

  11. Rush was a great American. I listened to him whenever I could. He always told it like it was. You could always count on him to tell the truth. May God bless him and his family.

  12. Thank you Dear Rush for so many years of intelligent conversation, humor, laughter and love of us and country. God created you as one of a kind. Your kindness, consideration and sharing your wealth with those who needed it is pretty remarkable and you did it anonymously==no mention of Rush. Too young to be taken from your adorable wife Kathryn, your brother David all of your other kin who loved you and you in turn loved them and you fought a rough battle with determination to keep your loved ones from suffering your ultimate death. God is rewarding you and you will probably be playing a big role in heaven. Knowing the good Lord will take care of you, I still have not stopped crying these last 2 days because like the millions who loved and respected you, I miss you. God Bless you and I know you miss us We all pray for Kathryn and she will be ok as she has happy happy memories

  13. James Golden was next to Rush for almost all his radio career. Learning daily from El Rushbo reinforced his already excellent skills. “Bo Snerdley” is a great adjunct to our beloved Rush.

  14. Dear Kathryn Limbaugh,
    Your comments, and those of his followers to date bring tears to my eyes and sorrow to my heart for your loss and ours … we, who were blessed by a hero of the faith of Jesus Christ our Savior, and by his belief of the truth (Jesus the Living Word) as being “The Way, The Truth and The Life”, as Jesus informed His disciples of Himself in “The Holy Bible”. Rush had the courage to stand up for, believe, report and speak “The Truth” as he saw and received it … and not to be discouraged by demonic threats from the “kingdom of darkness” that nipped at his heals every step of the way. He dared to persevere in being “only very courageous”, as God the Father also commanded both King David and Joshua (as reported in “The Old Testament”) to be throughout their lives in overcoming all the enemies that threatened their very lives.

    Rush too had to battle the spiritual fights that threatened his life and his very soul as he courageously reported the truth about the enemies of our liberty and truth in government and reporting. This may have ultimately required his life by means of the sorrow for our nation and people burdening his heart and possibly making a hole for cancer to enter, but his ultimate stand for God’s Truth, Life and Way in our nation enabled him to continue courageously, win a lovely woman of God as wife to carry on his godly views with his, her’s and ultimately God’s plan to give others that same courage to stand for the truth, the life and the way that He, God, originally planned for our beautiful nation to survive and give to the world. God will not be defeated! The work that He planned through Rush will not die, but be carried on by those that he had the privilege and joy of so inspiring! God bless America and you, precious Mrs. Rush Limbaugh!! May The Lord Jesus Christ provide His Presence and comfort to all of your family, dear ones in Christ!

  15. There will only ever be one Rush. Rush was the one person you could count
    on to tell the truth each and every day. I think of him each day and will so miss him. I always thought Rush to be an important part of my family.
    Rest in peace Rush.

  16. God bless you, Mrs. Limbaugh, through your grief. I believe if you’ll think of all the good your husband did for our nation, your grief will be softened! No one can help you through this sadness, but it is true –MANY OF US WISH WE COULD!! We held Rush in high esteem because of what he truly believed and brought us with him to realize we all had to stand together in order to bring about a wonderful and fitting purpose for our country!!
    May Rush rest in peace and you receive God’s blessings during this hard time for you!

  17. The Patriots of our great country sorely feel the loss of this great man – the news will carry word of his loss for a long time.. There are very few who can follow in his steps. God Bless you and your family, Mrs. Limbaugh. Thank you so much for sharing this dear man.

  18. I don’t understand why George Soros is not prosecuted the same way that Rudy ‘Juliane’ prosecuted the ‘terrorists’ in NYC. Why are those laws not being used to protect our system. When Rudy accomplished resolution to those problems, he was heralded as a ‘savior’. Lets take a look!

  19. Dear Mrs Limbaugh I was deeply saddened and found myself in prayers for Rush and his remarkable influence on my country. I am a single dad with a bunch of grown sons and daughters we are all patriots and mostly veterans with four in my generation retired US Army and four uncles in WWII who fought for this great country to keep our constitution and liberty and freedom he was a decorated soldier to me kept sending the message of a life in pursuit of happiness with american dream and liberty and freedom he will go down in history for all hat he did for the people of USA may lord bless his soul always
    May the lord bless you and family at this time

  20. Dear Mrs. Limbaugh, my family was hoping that Rush would somehow overcome his battle with this dread disease. He overcame so many other tough battles with nasty enemies throughout his career. Please know that we are praying for all of your family. We truly believe that Rush is in a better place, well away from pain and conflict. God bless you and give you strength in your sorrow.

  21. Rush is irreplaceable beyond measure. I love Him so much and will always be in my Heart…Although I thought Sean Hannity can continue His GOD GIVEN TALENT INSPIRING and COURAGES VOICES TO NASTY LEFT ENEMIES, THE DEMON-RATS… TO THE LOVING AMERICAN PEOPLE HE LOVED SO MUCH…

  22. To all of the rest of Rush Limbaugh’s family, my deepest condolences for your loss. I’ve listened to Rush’s talk show since the very beginning, watched his TV show the short time that it was on. There is a station in our area that is running repeats of his talk shows. I have several of his books. While he is gone, he lives in the hearts of all who listened to his shows. He truly loved this country. He was one of kind. GOD bless you all.

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