Rush Limbaugh looked back on his career in heartfelt talk with caller on final radio show

No one knew that Feb. 2 would be the last time Rush Limbaugh would address viewers on his radio show, but he couldn’t have planned it any better if he had tried.

According to Fox News, Limbaugh’s final broadcast included a heartfelt talk with a caller who led him to look back on his own iconic radio career, while providing some encouragement to an up-and-coming conservative trying to find their voice.

In the later part of the three-hour broadcast, Limbaugh took a call from Sara Racey-Tabrizi, a former America’s Next Top Model contestant who said she had recently moved from New York City to Arizona because conservatives were “treated like lepers” in New York, Fox reported. She told Limbaugh that she was having trouble getting involved in politics even in her new, more conservative state, and asked for his advice.

“Carry on my legacy”

Racey-Tabrizi’s question led Limbaugh to give an impromptu retrospective on his radio career, telling the caller that everyone has to start from the bottom like he did. “You started small and you had to prove yourself at every step along the way,” he said, according to Fox.

“You just climbed the ladder, hoping somewhere along the way you get a break, and I didn’t get mine for 20 years [until] Sacramento, 1984 — and that’s just how you did it,” Limbaugh added.

Racey-Tabrizi told Fox that she had called in more than 30 times before getting to speak to Limbaugh, who had around 21 million daily listeners.

“Rush said, carry on my legacy, go out there and speak, stand up, speak the truth, and don’t be afraid,” she recalled Wednesday. “It affected me profoundly.”

“We’ll be back soon”

At the end of the Feb. 2 broadcast, Limbaugh revealed that he had guest host Mark Steyn on stand-by in case he couldn’t make it through the show.

“Thanks for standing by today, Mr. Steyn,” Limbaugh said, as Fox reported. “We’ll be back soon.”

But he never did make it back on the air. The 70-year-old succumbed to complications from lung cancer on Wednesday morning, his wife Kathryn said at the beginning of Wednesday’s broadcast, according to CBS News.

The gaping hole Limbaugh left will be hard to fill, because even as he paved the way for dozens or hundreds of conservatives to expound their views on radio shows and podcasts, there was never anyone quite like Rush in the more than three decades he was on the air.

His legacy is profound and deep, and he will not be forgotten no matter what comes after he is gone.

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20 Responses

  1. Rushwill be sorely missed,cried so much Igor a headache. Please keep playing his recording. Deepest sympathies to Kathryn and family

  2. The Greatest patriot this world has ever seen and heard! You can always know the good ones as that always leave us early. Pelosi, Schumer, Romney, Shiff and the rest of Liberal Elite will live forever as the Devil don’t want them and the Lord surely won’t take ‘em

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  4. Found him in August 1988, on WIBV, a small station in Belleville, IL. Immediately captivated. He articulated what I thought about things. Rarely in 30+ years did I miss a chance to tune in. He’s the real deal and will be sorely missed. None the less, the bench is deep and his enduring message will continue to be heard over the airways. Stay strong and remain resolute. Our country is too good to give up on .

  5. Rush was King of the republicans party I’ve followed him from 1989 when he changed AM radio and brought it back.People like Rush only come once in one’s lifetime I’m 65 years old and I feel blessed to have been in to receive from such a great man RIP Rush you will be missed by all

  6. Can’t imagine tuning in and no Rush. He will certainly be missed. Prayers for Kathryn and his family. God bless Rush and thank you for the decades of listening!

  7. True American…… A voice against every anti-American, anti-God human being on the face of the earth. Some one will pick up the mantle and carry on. Truth will never be silent.

  8. First time I sew Rush and heard his name was on my TV for his Ad he did for his TV Show ……He broke thru a brown paper bag he was in and my first thinking was ”WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY”?……And i turn in to his TV and it was like me and Rush were thinking the same way’s……And turned into Rush’s radio show and from that time on just fell in love and became a Rush ditto’s fan then on…..took the Rush news letter and tuned in to his show for years right up to now 2021 to the very end and now turning in to gust host recordings……REST IN PEACE Rushy=man … will be dearly missed by me and millions of your friends around the world…you was never a failure Rush….You saved us all and this country …..Heavenly mega dittos you wonderful man……

  9. Rush, rest in Peace. My husband and I have listened to you for ever. If we were traveling we lived in St. Charles, MO and I was raised on a farm just 50 miles southeast of Des Moines, Iowa. As we got out of the St. Louis ares he would go up and down the radio stations to try to find you and we usually did. But I do have a story for your listeners. My brother moved back to the farm when he retired at the age of 53. He had some of his old furniture put in a one car garage and had his huge old stero that had a radio and my other brother lived close by and was farming the farm. So the two of them stood this stero on end, and his old refrigerator was also in the garage. My husband and I was pulling into the driveway and here are my two brothers getting lawn chair out and placed them in a simi-circle and I said what are you two doing? This was really for my brother in law who is a well known Dem. My brother said this is the Rush Room,they had the radio on loud and was ready for the Rush Show to listen to. Have a seat we are going to listen to Rush, and we have drinks in the frig. Needless to say it made an impression on my brother in law. I am sure he has blocked that from his memory.

  10. Thank you Rush!!! You got me through the last 20 years. When Obama was elected, you kept on us all together. You told us the truth when the fake media lied to us! You boosted our spirits when we were down. You showed us how to be PROUD conservatives! You got us to laugh when we wanted to do anything else. We will never forget you or what you taught us….Go With God!!! You will live on in your words. Joe

  11. Rush, we listened to you for a very long time! You have brought us through many trying times. When something came up we would go & get your take on the situation & we would come away feeling better! We prayed for your healing but the Lord needed you more. Rest in Peace our Dear Friend & May God Bless & comfort your beautiful Wife & Family Members!

  12. I began listening to Rush while driving my diesel truck over the road in the early 90’s. I got his station list and even tuned him in on WRNO shortwave, when I was out in the middle of ‘nowhere’, on 15,420 Khz. I am and always have been a proud Dittohead! Rest in the Peace and Perpetual Light of Our Almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Rush. You belong to Him now. My condolences to your Wife and Family.

  13. Dear Rush …….May your Memory Be Eternal ………
    I have listened to you since you started in Bellville IL
    I have an email of your final words — and it feels like I
    am speaking……..My dear friend Cleo called me all excited
    to listen to you ….. and didn’t realize that it would be a
    lifetime of conservative joy ….. have a well deserved rest.

  14. I had this article saved some time before but my computer crashed. I have since gotten a new one and it took me a while to locate this! I also really like the template though.

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