Russian newspaper mocks Biden over dementia rumors

Russia’s propaganda machine is having a field day with President Biden’s clear and undeniable cognitive issues.

A pro-Russian newspaper published an article describing symptoms of dementia that Biden routinely displays, Fox News reported.

Russian newspaper calls Biden senile

The article, in Komsomolskaya Pravda, notes that the signs of Biden’s decline were evident “even before he became the head of the American state.” Biden’s symptoms include forgetfulness, irritability, problems with walking, and issues with bodily orientation, the paper said.

“Americans feel sorry for their president, but at the same time wonder whether such a person is able to perform the functions of not only the owner of the Oval Office of the White House, but also the commander-in-chief of one of the strongest armies in the world,” the newspaper said.

The author made note of Biden’s tendency to get names and dates mixed up, including an incident in March when he confused his own wife with vice president Kamala Harris.

The author also cited the “pathetic spectacle” last week in North Carolina, where Biden was seen shaking heads with thin air and then “wandering aimlessly.” The paper also noted Biden’s outbursts at reporters, including the time he called Fox News’ Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b*tch.”

Although Biden’s doctor blames his “senile, shuffling gait” on a fracture, the paper quoted Fox News’ medical specialist Marc Siegel as saying that Biden’s “shortened, asymmetrical steps” are signs of a cognitive decline.

Puppet leader leaves America adrift

Biden’s erratic handling of the crisis in Ukraine has underscored the dangerous consequences of his condition.

His handlers have contradicted a number of provocative comments he has made toward nuclear-armed Russia, with Jen Psaki dismissing them as mere emotional outbursts and not U.S. policy.

Having senile leaders is something Russians would know something about: Biden has sometimes been compared to Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, who oversaw a period of decline and eventually ruled as a figurehead after his own health failed.

In an assessment of Brezhnev, historian Roy Medvedev wrote the leader’s “senility, infirmity and sickness became a subject not so much of compassion and pity on the part of Soviet citizens, but rather of irritation and mockery, expressed ever more openly.” Let’s go Brandon, anyone?

This is a a rare example of something Americans and Russians can agree on: something is not right with Joe Biden. When anti-American propaganda articles are filled with 100 percent truth, something’s not right with the leadership in Washington.

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