Russian troops zero in on new targets including dams and crossing points

Fox News reports that Russian troops, in their ongoing battle with Ukraine, are now targeting waterways, including dams and flooding cross points. 

The British Ministry of Defense recently provided an update on the situation.

The attacks

According to the defense ministry’s report, Russian troops, on two recent occasions, targeted the Pechenihy dam, which, located in northeastern Ukraine, sits on the Donets River.

“On 21 and 22 September 2022, Russia struck the Pechenihy dam on the Siverskyy Donets River using short-range ballistic missiles or similar weapons,” the report reads.

The defense ministry’s report further states that a similar operation was carried out by Russian troops on Sept. 15, targeting the Karachunivske Dam, located in central Ukraine, near Kryvyi Rih.

What’s going on?

Ukrainian troops have gone on the offensive after, earlier this month, driving the Russians back, following a battle that took place around Kharkiv. Some reports have suggested that Russia, in the battle, lost about nine to 10 soldiers for every one Ukrainian soldier.

It appears that the attacks carried out by the Russians on the dams are designed to try to slow down the advancement of Ukrainian troops, who clearly have the Russians on the run.

The defense ministry’s report reads:

Ukrainian forces are advancing further downstream along both rivers. As Russian commanders become increasingly concerned about their operational set-backs, they are probably attempting to strike the sluice gates of dams, in order to flood Ukrainian military crossing points.

Will it work?

The answer appears to be no – or, at least, not as much as the Russians would like.

The defense ministry’s report states, “the attacks are unlikely to have caused significant disruption to Ukrainian operations due to the distance between the damaged dams and the combat zones.”

The situation is becoming a desperate one for Russia. This is further evidenced by the speech that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave last week, in which he announced the mobilization of Russian troops in order to conscript more individuals for their military.

Ukraine does now appear to have the upper hand in the war. But, as Putin’s speech makes clear, Russia is still not giving up.