Samuel L. Jackson uses racial slur against Clarence Thomas, attacks his marriage

Politics makes strange bedfellows, or in the case of Samuel L. Jackson, strange enemies it seems.

Jackson attacked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in a tweet after Thomas wrote a concurring opinion on the Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health decision suggesting that other cases on which current “rights” laws rested might be similarly overreaching in the same way as Roe V. Wade. 

Everyone knows that Thomas is probably the most originalist justice on the court, so his opinion is hardly surprising. That didn’t stop Jackson from going after Thomas, the only black justice on the court until Ketanji Brown Jackson takes over for Stephen Breyer after this current term ends.

Insulting tweet

“How’s Uncle Clarence feeling about Overturning Loving v Virginia??!!” Jackson tweeted.

In that tiny sentence, he both referenced the racial term “Uncle Tom” in reference to Thomas and insulted his interracial marriage to Virginia “Ginny” Thomas, a powerful political adviser and consultant to conservatives.

If history is any indication, Thomas won’t even dignify the tweet with a response. Jackson is not by far the first to call him “Uncle Tom,” because Thomas doesn’t look at race in his opinions or rulings.

Even though Thomas displays remarkable objectivity and neutrality that should be admired by everyone in our culture, he has been the target of the most horrible racial attacks because of his public profile as a black conservative.

Race traitor

In the eyes of many, including apparently Jackson, blacks should not be conservatives, and they consider Thomas some kind of race traitor.

Thomas has openly acknowledged that there has been and is racism in the country–it’s why he went to law school at Yale in the 1960s and endured second-class status at the time.

He became a Republican out of principles rather than being radicalized as so many blacks were at the time. His originalist view of the Constitution rejects the idea that the institutions are racist, and he insists that if perfectly applied, they would not be.

But we all know how hard it is for the left to accept anyone who disagrees with them politically, and Thomas knows he is no exception. It’s the world he has come to know, and I’m sure he expected attacks like this when he gave his strongly held opinion.

It’s the price of holding views out of the mainstream, and Thomas has been more than willing to pay it during the whole of his legal career.

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