Former White House press sec. calls Bernie Sanders a threat ‘to our very freedom’

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came away from this weekend’s Democratic caucuses in Nevada victorious, and according to former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, that’s a real reason to worry.

“I think he [Bernie] is looking like the presumptive Democrat nominee at this point. He’s certainly moving in that direction,” Ms. Sanders told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Saturday, according to the Washington Examiner.

“And I think Republicans have to be extremely careful,” she cautioned. “We can take nothing for granted at this point. The stakes have literally never been higher.

“If crazy socialist Bernie Sanders is the Democrat nominee, as he is well on track to be, literally the way of life and our very freedom is at stake at the election in November, and Republicans have to come out in full force and make sure that they get Donald Trump reelected,” the former White House spokesperson concluded.

Radical plans for America

Bernie Sanders has promoted a variety of radical policy proposals that would have far-reaching economic and social consequences.

While the United States has nearly achieved energy independence under President Trump, Bernie Sanders is promising to ban fracking, offshore drilling, and conventional drilling on public land.

He has even pledged to shutdown existing pipeline projects including Keystone XL and Dakota Access, arguing that “they should never have been built in the first place.”

On health care, Mr. Sanders is advocating a “Medicare for All” plan that would strip private insurance from millions of Americans and do so without a clear strategy for pay for it.

Massive expansion of government control

The self-described socialist also wants a national rent control system, something critics charge would leading to a housing shortage.

Bernie Sanders’ vision for America goes far beyond economics. He has repeatedly promised to make support for abortion a necessary criterion for prospective judicial nominees and to implement a strict gun control agenda.

All of this has sparked panic in the likes of longtime Democratic strategist James Carville, who believes that nominating Bernie Sanders would essentially decimate the Democrats’ electoral prospects come November.

“If you’re voting for him because you think he’ll win the election, politically, you’re a fool,” the former Clinton adviser told Brian Williams during an interview on MSNBC over the weekend, according to The Guardian.

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