Rep. Scalise slams Biden for ‘child abuse’ happening on his watch at the border

Republicans are calling attention to the humanitarian disaster happening on President Joe Biden’s watch at the border.

On Saturday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) shared video of the “child abuse” at an overcrowded migrant facility in Donna, Texas, Breitbart reported

Scalise: “This is child abuse”

With thousands of migrant children being detained in squalid “cages,” Biden has been reluctant to take ownership of a crisis that many call self-inflicted. Republican lawmakers have been touring the border and sharing footage of their findings, with the Donna center receiving lots of attention.

Scalise, who led another delegation last week, shared video of the dismal conditions inside the facility, where children are being packed into close quarters. The facility has more than 4,000 detainees. Ten percent of those are COVID positive, Republican lawmakers have learned.

“I visited the Donna processing facility yesterday. These are the videos Joe Biden & Kamala Harris don’t want you to see. This is the devastating result of their disastrous left-wing immigration agenda. RT so everyone can see what they’re trying to hide. This is child abuse,” he said.

Scalise also shared video from the border at nighttime that shows a group of illegal migrants being detained in the background. “We’ve only been here less than an hour, and we’ve already seen multiple encounters of people coming across,” Scalise said. “This is the reality of Joe Biden’s disastrous amnesty agenda.”

Biden, Harris, run from self-inflicted “mess”

The Biden administration has been reluctant to let the American public see the inside of the facilities, and the Donna location was only recently made available to journalists for the first time.

In March, some 170,000 migrants were detained at the border, but neither Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris, who Biden appointed as “border czar,” have visited the border, and neither appear to have any plans to do so.

Scalise says that Harris’ reticence to deal with Biden’s “mess” is no mystery.

“You can see why Vice President Kamala Harris either doesn’t want to have this dumped in our lap because Joe Biden created the mess and is asking her to mop it up, or else she’s in over her head,” he said.

“Either way, it doesn’t bode well for the United States,” he told Fox News.

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11 Responses

  1. Again, joe and the ho’s , failure to address this CRISIS, isn’t shocking !!!!! 1000%,how I figured it would go !!! ABSOLUTELY, DISGRACEFUL and exactly the way DEMONRATS always handle things !!!!! No shock value at all, to me, at least !!!!!

  2. It’s called distract and diversion… all eyes on the border, what are Demorats doing behind the scenes!!!!!!???

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  4. What can you expect from someone who has ALWAYS made wrong decisions ? 47 years of wrong decisions and still making wrong decisions, thats what Joe Biden has for the record!!!

    1. It is all part of the plan! Obama knew they were weak and immoral! That’s why they set them up!! He is a piece of pretentious as well!

  5. Given the history of the democrat party, I would expect them to start selling these children to those who most would consider to be predators.
    Of course, the rates would vary according to race, gender, age, and attractiveness.

  6. How can anyone in good conscious send these children over the border by themselves? Why has Biden invited them in and then abandoned them. The Biden administration has given these people False hope. It is inhumane

  7. Agree with all posts! This so called “ administration “is a farce ! This is ALL obama’s Handiwork! He should be in prison for treason, along with Piglosi, Schumer, Biden and Harris! They are traitors!

  8. Any President, VP, Senators, Congress etc. in the majority party who are letting this go on are no better than any other child abuser & should all be fired for allowing it to happen under their watch.

    1. Agree with all posts. Why are they sending the kids all around the country. How will they ever be reunited with parents or other family? They should all be sent back to the border with instructions for parents or family to come and claim they or they will be sent back to country they came from where they belong. Biden should be arrested for contributing to illegal trafficking at the border. Instead he just puts his head back between his two back pockets and hope the problem will just go away.

  9. I think some of these children should go and live with Kamala and joe. This is a tragedy and neither th president or the vp seemed to care.

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