Schiff says it would be more dangerous not to prosecute Trump

Shameless smear merchant Adam Schiff (D-CA) talked up the possibility of Donald Trump being sent to jail in a Sunday cable news hit.

The Democrat, who sits on the partisan January 6th committee, said it would be “more dangerous” to the Constitution not to prosecute Trump for “insurrection,” Breitbart reported. 

Schiff calls for Trump to be prosecuted

Schiff conceded to CBS’s Face the Nation that throwing a man who millions of people voted for in the last presidential election into jail is not a step to be “taken lightly,” especially with the nation as divided as it is.

Still, he said that “immunizing” Trump against so-called criminal conduct would be more damaging to the Constitution than not holding him “accountable.”

“To me, that is a far more dangerous thing to our Constitution than following the evidence wherever it leads, including when it leads to a former president,” he said.

Trump’s top rival in the Republican party, Liz Cheney (R-WY), also said Sunday that not charging Trump would be worse than charging him.

Schiff and Cheney have been leading a televised show trial about January 6th that, it appears, Democrats and their RINO allies plan to drag out as much as possible before the midterm elections.

Democrats and “our democracy”

The Biden administration’s partisan Justice Department has already satisfied the committee’s demands to charge Trump allies Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro for refusing to cooperate with the spectacle.

The Biden DOJ has been targeting those who helped Trump challenge the “free and fair” 2020 election results, including a former Trump DOJ official, Jeffrey Clark, who had his home raided a day before he was the subject of the J6 hearings, and lawyer John Eastman, who had his phone seized without a warrant as he was leaving a restaurant.

Few have been more thrilled by all of this Stasi-like activity than Schiff, who spent years falsely claiming that Trump was a Russian agent who “colluded” to steal the 2016 election.

Now, Schiff is leading a vicious crackdown against those who dare to question the propriety of the highly unusual 2020 election that put Biden in power.

The elephant in the room is that Trump may run again in 2024, and if he does, he would defeat Biden in a re-match. To prevent that from happening and save “democracy,” Democrats say they have no choice but to make a former president into a political prisoner.

Does it get any more desperate than this?

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