Schiff slammed as ‘total hypocrite’ for past criticism of Clinton impeachment

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has been one of the top champions and ringleaders of the ongoing sham of an impeachment effort against Donald Trump, a culmination of his near-exclusive focus on ousting the president from office since Trump took his oath in 2017.

The West Hollywood congressman had a decidedly different view of the impeachment effort against former President Bill Clinton, however, not to mention his Republican predecessor’s work in support of it, and now the same critiques Schiff used in his 2000 congressional campaign are being aptly applied against him, Fox News reported.

Impeachment tunnel vision

One of the primary arguments lodged against Schiff and his fellow Democrats now is that they have been narrowly focused on impeachment to the exclusion of virtually all other legislative and constituent needs — which is the exact same argument that Schiff and his comrades were making in opposition to the Clinton impeachment 20 years ago.

At that time, Schiff, a California state senator, was running for Congress for the first time against an incumbent Republican named James Rogan, and Rogan’s involvement in the Clinton impeachment fiasco was one of Schiff’s primary talking points in his successful campaign to take over the state’s 27th Congressional District, according to the Daily Caller.

“I think impeachment for most people in this district is only the most graphic illustration of an incumbent who has put the national partisan, ideological fights ahead of representing his district,” Schiff said in an interview with NBC at the time. “People want to decide this on the basis of who’s going to serve our community.”

“Jim Rogan is in trouble for reasons that have nothing to do with impeachment,” Schiff said to the Boston Globe during that campaign. “I think a lot of people are unhappy that Jim Rogan has ignored the district for five years.”

In an interview with The Associated Press, Schiff asserted that the constituents of Rogan’s district had been “relegated to a lower-tier priority compared to the national, partisan agenda.”

Turnabout is fair play

Fast-forward 20 years, and those same comments are being used against him by a pair of Republicans who are challenging him for his seat — now the 28th District after redistricting — in the 2020 election. Eric Early, a Republican attorney, told Fox News, “Adam Schiff is a total hypocrite.”

“He first ran for Congress opposing impeachment and saying he would fix problems in the district. Now, two decades of completely abandoning our district later, Schiff thinks this impeachment outrage is a good idea, and he still hasn’t fixed a single problem in the district,” Early said, adding, “He disrespects America by trying to undo the 2016 election and spends all this time putting on makeup for his next TV hit. He’s a national disgrace, and California voters deserve better.”

Another challenger to Schiff, an independent named Jennifer Barbosa, pointed to the sharply growing homelessness problem in the district as something Schiff has ignored in favor of his anti-Trump crusade during a recent interview on Fox & Friends.

“Adam Schiff has been my congressman since 2012. He became my congressman through the redistricting process,” Barbosa explained.

Since he became my congressman he has not presented any legislation that’s become law. In terms of homelessness, what he’s done is he’s basically rubber-stamped Maxine Waters’ bill to deal with homelessness, and her bill essentially replicated the same failed policies that [L.A.] Mayor [Eric] Garcetti has implemented in our city over the past few years.

It is nothing short of delicious irony that Schiff, a man who ran for Congress by highlighting an incumbent’s incessant focus on a divisive and partisan impeachment, is now being slammed with the exact critique he himself once lodged against an opponent. Turnabout is fair play, and hopefully, a repeat of the results from 20 years ago will occur, and the impeachment-obsessed incumbent will be ousted from his seat.

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