Schiff: Trump must be removed or he will ‘cheat in the next election’

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is set to commence on Tuesday, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) will lead the effort to prosecute and remove the president from office.

During an interview on Sunday about the impending trial, Schiff stressed how urgent it is for Trump to be ousted from office because he is, in Schiff’s view, “threatening” to “cheat” in the election this November, the Daily Caller reported.

Schiff’s urgent concerns

The congressman’s remarks came during an appearance on ABC’s This Week with host George Stephanopoulos, who at one point in the discussion noted the criticism Democrats received over their demands to subpoena additional documents and witness testimony during the trial — matters that should have been pursued during the impeachment inquiry Schiff led in the House prior to the passage of the articles.

“You know, I’ve seen those comments. I look forward to addressing them at the trial,” the congressman replied.

Schiff then suggested that what people needed to realize was that “we did try to get these witnesses in the House. We subpoenaed many of these witnesses. And because of the president’s obstruction, they ignored those lawful subpoenas,” Schiff said.

The “obstruction” referenced by Schiff was the routine and perfectly lawful assertion of executive privilege by the president, which Schiff and his cohorts declined to challenge in court — likely out of concern that they would lose, and the subpoenas would be unquestionably blocked.

“If you argue that, well, the House needed to go through endless months or even years of litigation before bringing about an impeachment, you effectively nullify the impeachment clause,” Schiff said. “You allow the president of the United States by delay, by playing rope a dope in the courts, to defeat the power of the impeachment clause.”

A moment later, to add emphasis to his point of supposed urgency, the congressman added: “The reality is, because what the president is threatening to do is cheat in the next election, you cannot wait months and years to be able to remove that threat from office.”

Democrats floundering

Of course, Stephanopoulos didn’t press Schiff on the most obvious question regarding the claim of urgency for impeachment, namely, if the removal of Trump from office is so obviously necessary and must not be delayed a moment more, why, then, did Schiff say nothing in opposition to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) decision to sit on the House-passed articles for a month before transmitting them to the Senate for trial?

In truth, the only sense of “urgency” felt by Democrats with regard to removing Trump from office is the realization that their chances of defeating him at the ballot box in November, which were never particularly great from the start, have become even more diminished in recent weeks and months.

The field of Democrat candidates has failed to galvanize voters, and even a growing number of liberal pundits in the media have reluctantly acknowledged that none of them have shown that they have what it will take to beat Trump.

Thus, the only recourse left for Democrats to pursue has been impeachment — and they are so committed to the fundamental goal of ousting Trump from the White House that they are willing to proceed full steam ahead without any actual crimes, impeachable offenses, first-hand witnesses, or truly damning evidence of any real wrongdoing.

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