Schiff says Trump made ‘veiled threat’ against him ahead of impeachment vote

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) accused President Donald Trump of making a ‘veiled threat’ against him on the eve of a full House impeachment vote, Fox News reported.

Trump held a press conference with Guatemala’s president on Tuesday in which he spoke about the unfairness of the impeachment process led by Schiff and others in the Democrat-controlled House.

“When you have a guy like shifty Schiff go out and make up a statement I made — he said this is what I said but I never said it, he totally made it up,” Trump said. “In Guatemala, they handle things much…tougher than that and because of immunity…he can’t be prosecuted.”

Schiff later told CNN’s Dana Bash that he took Trump’s comment as a threat. “I think that’s what he intended it to be,” Schiff said, according to Breitbart. “This is a president, after all, who has said of people who blow the whistle on him that they’re traitors and spies and should be treated as traitors and spies used to be treated. We used to execute traitors and spies. So this is not a president above threatening anyone who gets in his way, anyone who stands up to him.”

Schiff plays the victim

Going even further, Schiff said that Trump was referring to “Guatemala’s violent history,” not jail, when he talked about wanting to prosecute Schiff over his misstatement of the July 25 phone call with Ukraine.

“He is not going to intimidate me,” Schiff added, according to The Washington Times.

There’s no doubt that Trump’s fiery comments about his opponents are meant to intimidate them, but he has never shown any propensity toward either actual violence or taking the law into his own hands.

Expression frustration about the lack of accountability for Schiff’s blatant dishonesty is far different than advocating the use of the government to visit violence upon him.

Of course, Schiff is blowing this incident out of proportion in the same way he exaggerated and distorted Trump’s conduct toward Ukraine all throughout the impeachment hearings. At this point, he knows Democrats are being damaged by the impeachment of Trump, so he is now trying to play the victim and paint the president as a tyrant.

Minds made up

Americans in large numbers have made up their minds about impeachment, and more and more are tuning it out as irrelevant to their daily lives. They knew the House would impeach Trump in a strictly partisan manner, and they know the Senate will never remove him from office.

The majority have decided that the Democrats have engaged in an unfair and abusive process, and they have utterly failed to prove their case.

What’s more, the economy is booming and Trump has notched a lengthy list of policy successes. As such, most Americans feel little need to pay attention to what has always been a transparently cynical gambit from the left.

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