Schumer claims GOP-backed election security measures ‘smack of Jim Crow’

Democratic congressional leaders have become increasingly transparent in their opposition to even the most rudimentary election security proposals.

During a hearing this week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) compared measures like voter-identification requirements to racist laws of the Jim Crow era, Breitbart reported.

“Some of these voter suppression laws in Georgia and other Republican states smack of Jim Crow rearing its ugly head once again,” Schumer claimed.

“Still seems to be with us”

Schumer is apparently sticking to the strategy of his party’s progressive wing to push for the expansion of so-called voting rights while standing firmly against any reform proposals originating on the other side of the aisle.

For their part, Republican lawmakers have been overwhelmingly against H.R. 1 and S. 1, bills presented in the House and Senate, respectively, that conservative critics say would give the federal government too much power over state-level elections.

Measures like no-excuse absentee voting and less restrictive identification requirements have attracted opposition from most GOP leaders. As a result of voicing their criticism, Schumer is among those accusing Republicans of tacitly admitting they cannot win elections without relying on “voter suppression” tactics like the ones imposed by Jim Crow laws.

Schumer drove home that argument on Wednesday, bemoaning efforts by Republicans to pass stricter voting laws as “infuriating” and evidence that the GOP is “afraid” of democracy.

“It is 160 years since the 13, 14, and 15th amendments abolished slavery, and Jim Crow still seems to be with us,” the Senate leader claimed, according to Breitbart.

“Down this road before”

Schumer went on to insist that the GOP is using the same type of “states’ rights” arguments used to oppose civil rights legislation during the mid-20th century.

“We’ve been down this road before,” he claimed, as Breitbart reported. “Just leave it to the states to discriminate against African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, younger Americans in college. It is shameful our Republican colleagues are proposing these ideas in 2020.”

Further infuriating Democrats was a law enacted this week in Georgia that implements changes such as limited ballot drop boxes, enhanced voter ID requirements for mail-in ballots, shortened runoff periods, and bans on volunteers offering food and drinks to voters.

Contrary to what the far-left would like voters to believe, research indicates a majority of Americans support measures like more robust voter ID laws, as Breitbart notes.

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29 Responses

    1. I wonder if there is a medical diagnosis for compulsive liars as Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi? They manufacture so many false claims, and spin so much information into lies that I wonder if their lying is caused by a brain anomaly? At a minimum they’ll both grossly exaggerate something to the point of creating a lie. I.e., not wanting dead people to vote, or illegal aliens to vote becomes “voter suppression,” and they’ll say it with a straight face! For four years they lied about the fake Russian collusion hoax knowing that it was fake? These people are unethical, dishonest, deceitful, manipulative liars who cannot ever be trusted to be truthful about anything. They are destroying this country because of their lack of honesty.

  1. Schumer speaks about voting rights…he knows how to vote and break the laws of voting…if you don’t have a picture ID Schumer…you don’t vote…what you did was totally against all laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They feared they couldn’t win if they did it legally and they would be correct…that’s why help me Joey is in the WH…with not an inch of thought process working!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. My, my — looks like they are “trying” to REMOVE ANY PROTECTION from “disenfranchised” voters. Just the “vote by mail” option opens untold opportunities for fraudulent votes unless CAREFULLY regulated and CONTROLLED. The RECKLESS abandonment of ALL checks and balances proposed by this legislation is an OPEN invitation to FRAUD. The ONLY way HONESTY can be restored to our electoral system is by IDENTIFIED voters casting their ballots IN PERSON !!! Only DISHONEST people would suggest a dishonest system !!!

  4. You definitely need to be removed so the states can do the right thing about voting. We see where your ideas got all of us, not in a good place. Something very wrong with you people,

  5. Schumer is such a pathetic person, it is hard to believe that someone like him is in the congress! I would say stronger things about him, but I’m not a;;owed to! I’ve already been banned from Facebook, because that pathetic Zuckerberg did not like hearing the truth from me! The GOP wants fair and honest elections, where the people who vote are legal citizens, who are still alive, and have properly registered to vote. The Dems want illegals voting, dead people voting, and nobody having to show proof of who they actually are, and the Dems make it a racial issue, as they so often do! Pathetic!

    1. If Schumer is so bad (and he is!), why is he still in the Senate? Why do people keep electing him? Just wonderin’.

      1. BECAUSE the DemocRATS got Control of the Senate and he was the Minority leader at the time. Remember the two GA senate elections that the Democrats won EXACTLY like the Biden administration won the President election. The people of NY voted the trash into the Senate so that ought to solve some of your questions. TAKE a CIVICS course and you will know how the CROOKS get into these positions and why they do it.. THAT is why so many people are SURE the DemocRATS rigged the elections in 2020 and not just one. The answer is to do what they are doing NOW!!!



  8. It’s funny. . . “Jim Crow laws” were demanded, voted on, and forced down the necks of Americans by THE DEMONCRATS, who then Enforced their RACIST HATE LAWS. It must be nice to be so White Privileged Rich that rDEMONCRATS can afford to be THAT stupid.

  9. Schumer is a jerk! Why do the demonrats always have to play the “ race card”? The demonrats are the ones who had the “ Jim Crow” laws, started the kkk and disenfranchised a lot of people from voting! Voter I.d. Requirements are NOT racist! We all want to know that living, LEGAL residents can vote! Illegals, dead people, non-resident voters have no voting rights! WE can’t go to Mexico or any other country and vote in THEIR elections, why should they be allowed to vote in ours? Come on chucky, answer that one!

  10. Schumer is right. What He won’t tell you is that Jim Crowe laws were written by dixiecrats, Democrats

  11. Democrats won’t tell you the racist people out there are the confederate democrats. Democrat’s should not even be in this country for there Act Of Treason against the United States Of America

  12. I would have never thought all these years,we would be faced with such idoits trying to tell us what we should do.Now where is the Repubs we voted into office? This one party rule is grounds for drastic action on our part and i do’t mean words we will respond and i mean respond.

  13. All of you above have made true and justifiable comments about Chuck Schumer. He is a liar, cheat, and a fraud. He should be in prison not the Senate. Though because he is a Democrap and we have a Democrap Prez. and more importantly a Democrap Justice Department. Very much like Barack Obama or better yet Hillary Clinton both of whom blatantly broke the law, breached the United States Constitution, sold our country and it’s products (like uranium) out to our foreign (Cold War) enemies. He will be idolized by the radical (Communist) left. The man has NO conscience, NO morality, and is a 1000% TRAITOR to the United States of America. Instead of being Senate Majority Leader he should be hung till dead at the end of a hangman’s noose.

  14. Democrats think that any credible integrous means of running an election by the Conservatives is “voter suppression”. The trouble with democrats having a say so to election process has to have an easy avenue for fraud and deceit. There is nothing wrong with allowing “only” legal voters to vote. There is nothing wrong with voter ID. It is just as meaningful as your birth certificate to prove you were born in America, and are a legal citizen, privileged to all citizen benefits from Uncle Sam.

  15. You can’t talk to the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, and they won’t allow honest elections, civil war is the only way to solve the liberal proble.

  16. Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email your Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink their decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
    US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Members of the House
    Members of the Senate
    Stop complaining start calling and writing before its to late. I call and write everyday. 74million of us voted for Trump bombard these people with calls and letters.

  17. Since when is voting photo ID” become a Jim Crow measure? At some point people are going to hold Government Officials accountable for their erroneous (false, lies) statements.

  18. Id cards are required in daily life and are easy to acquire, they are used daily to cash checks. What is the problem with presenting an ID card to vote. Most republican states already require it.

  19. Schumer looks like a pervert. All these democrats are evil. They need kicked out. You know they have to have skeletons in their closet we just need to find out what they are. There has to be the biggest idiots on earth to vote this scum of the earth back in.

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