Data scientists say thousands of Georgia votes were switched or removed from Trump: report

President Donald Trump may have just gotten some of the proof he needs that there was outcome-changing fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Several data scientists testified Wednesday that, in Georgia, a large number of votes were fraudulently switched from President Trump to Democrat Joe Biden and that an even larger number of votes were fraudulently removed from President Trump, according to a report from the Epoch Times.

If true, the numbers here would be big enough to change the outcome in Georgia.

“We actually have fraud that we can prove”

This evidence was presented on Wednesday to Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections. The subcommittee was hearing evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Among those who testified were Lynda McLaughlin, Dave Lobue, and Justin Mealey. McLaughlin is with the Data Integrity Group, Lobue is a data scientist with more than a decade of experience in the field, and Mealey is a former Navy electronic warfare technician and a former CIA data analyst who is currently working as a programmer at a top accounting firm, the Times reported.

Mealey told the subcommittee that they can now prove that large-scale fraud did occur in Georgia in the 2020 presidential election:

“What we have here is we actually have fraud that we can prove in this election, there was fraud in Georgia’s election, we can prove it with data. The voting will of the people of Georgia is not reflected in what was certified by the Secretary of State.”


The data

McLaughlin, Lobue, and Mealey said that they conducted an analysis — which they emphasized was non-partisan — of the election data from Georgia, and they said that they found two major anomalies.

One is that at least 30,958 votes were removed from President Trump. Their analysis of time series election data showed that Trump’s votes were actually decrementing when they shouldn’t have been. “I want to make that very, very clear that at no point in an incremental process, should you decrement it,” Mealey said.

On top of that, the trio said that they found that in Bibb County, 12,173 votes were switched from President Trump to Biden in a “clear example of vote switching.”

The Electoral College gave Georgia to Biden after he won the state by 12,670 votes. If the analysis of these data scientists is correct, then these two events alone could have easily changed the outcome in Georgia. It is unclear, however, whether this information will lead to any changes.

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