‘It makes zero sense’: GOP Sen. Scott says Dems are causing immigration crisis

A massive wave of undocumented immigrants has arrived at the nation’s southern border in the weeks since President Joe Biden’s inauguration, with the number of unaccompanied minors at the beginning of this month nearly seven times higher than it was just two months earlier.

While Democrats have attempted to ignore the issue or even blame the situation on former President Donald Trump, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) told the party’s leaders to take a look in the mirror. He made the proclamation during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s America Reports on Monday.

“Look at the human toll”

“It’s shocking the Biden administration won’t acknowledge there is a crisis that [the president] created,” Scott said.

The Florida Republican added that the spike in immigration “wasn’t happening before the election and it’s happening now,” insisting that it “is crazy” for the White House to shutter facilities operated by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Open the borders, close the schools, it makes zero sense to the American public,” Scott continued. “I hope the president starts focusing on immigration and starts listening to what’s going on at the border.”

The senator went on to blame the Biden administration for exacerbating the situation, particularly with regard to the spike in arrivals by unaccompanied minors.

“It’s all a result of President Biden saying, ‘Come on down and come across our border,'” he said. “Look at the human toll. It’s not good for anyone in the entire country. think of our border communities. They’ve been overrun by illegal immigrants.”

“Not the way immigration should be done”

Defending his own party’s stance, Scott said: “We want immigration. I’m from an immigrant state, but it’s got to be legal immigration.”

Democrats spent years blasting the Trump administration for supposedly separating families on the border, but Scott said that is exactly what the current president is doing.

“He’s clearly separating these families,” he said. “They are sending them here because they are hopeful that someday they will get citizenship and then the parents can come. This is not the way immigration should be done.”

Biden pledged during the presidential campaign that he would take a softer stance on immigration issues, telling Vice News that he would fire ICE agents who arrest suspects for anything less serious than a felony charge.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has similarly criticized the Biden administration’s border policy, citing during a recent trip to El Paso, Texas, his fears that potential terrorists are being sent into the U.S. along with immigrants from Central America.

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18 Responses

  1. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer ARE ALL A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    1. Yes they are the enemy within.
      The only thing Democrat’s can FIX are elections every thing else they DESTROY

    2. They are legally insane. They think that we are like them. They should be in prison for treason. Too bad that we don’t have a country by the people and for the people. I’ll say it. The forth Reich is behind the curtain along with big tech.

      1. the other democrats that know this is wrong should stand up and do the right thing and remove all of them and put them all on trial for treason . They surely can’t be that stupid and not see they are destroying are country! it needs to be stopped!

        1. Certaintly there MUST be some democraps that have some moral integrity and somewhat of a backbone and have the guts to go against their corrupt party.

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  3. You now can see who the TYRANTS are and they are tearing down the USA. WE do not want our tax dollars wasted on ILLEGALS nor do we want the added crime, take care of USA citizens first.

  4. Yes, Dummorats can really “FIX” an election! Don’t the idiots know that all of America has them figured out? They are pitiful!

  5. Does anything the demonrats do make sense? Joebama is too arrogant to admit he has F-Ed up big time! But that is what Obutthead is hoping for, so he can “ step in and save the country”! HE is running this sh** show called the Biden administration! When things are so messed up no one can fix them, Obama will take over along with the “ good little puppet” Susan Rice! Then we will REALLY be in deep doo doo!

  6. You would think Biden would tighten the Borders to prevent his Son Hunter from being enticed again as an example.
    Nope, “here’s the deal”, just like the rest of the Liberal Americans, “come on in Contra and bring those parent free young ones along with your Covid sick as well as those disguised friendlies that carry fuses and pipes”, nobody will notice.
    With one stipulation though, you have to vote Left legally or illegally.
    Will this be posted?

  7. The “Challenge” the Democrats are calling the Border crisis is the worse I have ever seen on the border, and getting worse by the day. Nobody knows who these people are unless they are arrested and interrogated. They may be drug runners, MS-13 gangs, Terrorist. Biden doesn’t care, he will fire any Border Patrol agent who arrests anyone who isn’t committing a felony. It should be a felony to come here illegally. Illegal means you have broken the laws and need to be punished for it.
    No he wants to reward all illegals with freebies and now give them all a stimulus check. I would think that would be illegal in it’s self. Rewarding people for breaking our laws? Any body that does that should be arrested, whether it’s Biden or anyone else.When are we going to start enforcing our laws instead of rewarding people for breaking them?

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