Left’s reaction to Sen. Scott’s speech proves racism still a problem in Democratic Party

After Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) delivered the Republican Party’s official rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s joint address to Congress on Wednesday evening, he was promptly subjected to vile insults and racist slurs from Democrats and the left.

Breitbart’s John Nolte argued that the left’s reaction to Scott’s speech provides a clear example of how it’s the Democratic Party that has a problem with racism, particularly against Black conservatives and other minorities who stray from leftist orthodoxy.

Scott racially attacked

The racist reaction from leftists to Scott’s speech appeared to center around the senator’s claim that, while there are issues of discrimination and racism that needed to be addressed, America as a whole is not a “racist country,” from his viewpoint as a popular Black politician in a southern state.

“Hear me clearly: America is not a racist country,” Scott said in his speech, according to The Hill. “It’s backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination. And it’s wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present.”

A disturbing avalanche of racist vitriol from the left followed his remarks, including prominent Democratic activists, politicians and media pundits, hallmarked by the fact that “Uncle Tim” was permitted to trend of Twitter for several hours Wednesday night.

In response to the racist attacks against him, Scott said during an appearance Thursday on Fox News that the left’s vile reaction to his speech had been “upsetting” and “so disappointing” in addition to being hypocritical, in that the left demands respect for their own set of beliefs while granting no quarter to those who disagree.

“They have doubled down that they are going to not attack my policies but they are literally attacking the color of my skin,” Scott lamented. “You cannot step out of your lane according to the liberal elite left.”

Racism dressed up with new tactics

Breitbart’s Nolte pointed out that the “grotesque” reaction of the left to Scott’s speech seemed as though it was intended to disprove the senator’s assertion that America isn’t a racist nation, by revealing the deep-seated racism that is alive and well within House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) Democratic Party and among its adherents and allies.

Indeed, the display conformed quite well with the Democratic Party’s lengthy history of discrimination, racism, and segregation aimed at Black Americans, whether it be fighting a war to maintain slavery, founding and supporting the Ku Klux Klan, or imposing racist Jim Crow laws to oppress minorities.

Only the tactics have changed now in the modern era. Democrats still seek to oppress Black Americans by supporting disruptive riots in predominately Black neighborhoods, supporting the defunding of police who serve and protect those neighborhoods, forcing Black children to attend failing inner-city schools by denying school choice, indoctrinating them with a victimhood mindset, and supporting illegal immigrants who compete against poor Black Americans for entry-level jobs.

Perhaps worst of all the tactics is, to borrow a phrase from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the “high-tech lynchings” and vicious racist bullying against prominent Black figures who espouse ideological views that differ from the Democratic Party’s platform.

What happened to Scott, as well as countless other Black conservatives and independents who don’t fall in line behind Democrats, is a sad testimony to the fact that there is indeed quite a bit of racism still lingering in America, often coming from the left against minorities on the right.

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8 Responses

  1. Again, turning a true statement into a lie. Democrats policies and agenda are the true liars and dividing the country. Pulling statues down, no accountability for the violence. The insurrection that was not an insurrection. No facts, only propaganda. These people need to sit down and be forced to watch the Holocaust and what these ideas have destroyed in the past. I hope others reject this behavior and ideas. Post signs in your neighborhood. On your car. Fight back. Not with guns and hate. With truth.

    1. You must be deaf dumb and blind !!! It was all over the tv for everyone to see the disgusting attacks on the Hill, the Cops, the Democrats and so on and busted in with nothing on their minds but destruction and just plain murder. You along with your party and kind are the liars just like Trump has done his entire life. He is a true habitual liar every single day. You ought to be ashamed of yourself and do your research… The truth has been out there for the world to see for a long time now. What Planet have you been on ???

  2. We have always known the democrats do not like the blacks, they keep them as slaves by keeping them in ghettos in the enter cities and pay them welfare and food stamps so they will not work. The democrats would love to have segregation once again, they work with the teachers union to not educate them, just look at the schools in the big cities. Read the history of what the democrats have always done to the blacks. They abort more blacks babies than any other race.

    1. Don’t forget LBJ is famous for creating the BLACK VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS when he created the WELFARE SYSTEM. Remember what he is FAMOUS FOR SAYING?? Most BLACK people don’t. If they did, they are most likely the ones who should be called “UNCLE TOM’S”.

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  4. The Democrats are the ultimate racists, and they have the audacity to accuse non-Democrats of being racist! The Dems love black people, as long as they stay on the Democrat plantation, so to speak! Remember those brilliant words of Biden, during the campaign, when he told a black man, who said he did not know if he would vote for Biden for president. Biden said to him “if you ain’t voting for me, you ain’t black! Now to me, that sounds rather racist, what do you all think? Here’s a fine black man,Tim Scott, who escaped the plantation, and is a conservative, and the evil Dems are calling him all kinds of racist names! I think that I know who the real racists are in this country, and one of them is the president, although he’s really not the president!

  5. The democrap party is the party of racism, the KKK, Jim Crow laws and their continuing policies of keeping black Americans down and dependent on government. Democrats are the real enemy of equality, freedom and individual liberty. Democrats show their racism by their opposition to school choice and charter schools, by their support of unbridled support for abortion in black communities, by their racist words and actions against black conservatives and by the democrats support for open borders and illegal aliens while trying to replace black Americans with illegal aliens as their voters.

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