SCOTUS allows former student to seek damages against Georgia college in religious liberty case

The right-leaning U.S. Supreme Court has once again struck a decisive blow for Americans concerned about the preservation of religious liberty across the nation.

In a ruling this week, the nation’s highest court sided with a college student in Georgia who had been reprimanded for evangelizing on campus.

SCOTUS paves the way for “nominal damages”

Reports indicate that the 8-1 decision granted Chike Uzuegbunam the ability to seek nominal damages against Georgia Gwinnett College, which has since reversed the student’s original punishment.

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote that the student “experienced a completed violation of his constitutional rights when respondents enforced their speech policies against him.”

The justice went on to declare that all such violations lead to damage against the individual being deprived of those rights, determining that “nominal damages can redress Uzuegbunam’s injury even if he cannot or chooses not to quantify that harm in economic terms.”

For the sake of clarification, the term “nominal damages” specifically refers to the payment of a symbolic amount of money that is usually ordered in instances where the plaintiff can show an infringement on his or her rights but not significant harm.

Concurring with Thomas’s assessment, Justice Brett Kavanaugh agreed that two lower court rulings that determined the issue to be moot deserved to be overturned.

“On the side of justice”

“I agree with the Court that, as a matter of history and precedent, a plaintiff’s request for nominal damages can satisfy the redressability requirement for Article III standing and can keep an otherwise moot case alive,” he wrote.

An attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom, the conservative organization that represented Uzuegbunam in the case, welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“When public officials violate constitutional rights, it causes serious harm to the victims,” said Kristen Waggoner. “When such officials engage in misconduct but face no consequences, it leaves victims without recourse, undermines the nation’s commitment to protecting constitutional rights, and emboldens the government to engage in future violations. We are pleased that the Supreme Court weighed in on the side of justice for those victims.”

Chief Justice John Roberts represented the lone dissenting voice, arguing that the plaintiffs “are no longer students at the college” and are not entitled to redress.

“The challenged restrictions no longer exist,” he wrote. “And the petitioners have not alleged actual damages. The case is therefore moot because a federal court cannot grant Uzuegbunam and Bradford any effectual relief whatever.”

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13 Responses

    1. I think he has been bought off by the demoncrats. He refused to help Trump about voter integrity . And didn’t want to hear about the voter fraud that we know happened. He has been descending just about every case that needed to be reviewed and refused to even advance to another judge!

  1. Must have some integrity to recognise when an issue is afoul of the law. This court needs to put a stop to the dismantling of our constitution or Americans will get the job done in spite of them.

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  3. Kick Roberts out cold the sob won’t do his job, tell me why do you all want to put up with talk talk talk that’s all the damn politicians want to both Democrats and Repub the sooner they get their butt in gear. They all are for the most talk we’re damn tired of paying you jerks and getting nothing in return. We will lay in wait when reelection come up.

    1. I agree that Thomas should have been the Supreme Justice. John Roberts has shown that he is not a Trump fan and he shows it by his vote. He should be held accountable and he should be removed from Head Justice. It should be majority rules. President Trump won this election and an Italian member of the Italian Supreme Court said that a person from Italy had the Dominian and votes were uploaded to the machine and an Italian transferred votes that were for Trump was shifted over to Biden. I saw and heard him while watching TV. I do not know why more people who saw this have remained silent. He said Trump won by a land slide. What a crooked country we have.
      I am wondering why no one else saw and heard him and not a word from anyone else. This country is in big Trouble folks!!!!

  4. Funny how this sham court will take up individual cases dealing with religion BUT when it comes to the biggest and worst crime against a sitting President, they show their yellow spines and hide.

  5. The SCOTUS along with the FBI (Fraud Bureau of Investigstions) are no longer institutions that anyone can have faith in.

  6. I agree with Richard but I’m going a step further. I don’t trust the CIA, NSA, HOMELAND SECURITY, a handful in Washington & not one of them Dems.

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