Search formally ends for 'unidentified objects' shot down over Lake Huron and Alaska

 February 18, 2023

Seemingly, just like that, the mystery of the "unidentified" objects blown out of North American air space is being quietly toned down with the government's latest announcement. 

According to The Hill, The New York Times noted in a bombshell report Friday that a U.S. official confirmed that the government is no longer searching for the objects, which are yet to be officially identified both physically and in their origins.

The report added that the official said the government attempted for several days to locate the objects, but blamed weather and terrain for the ultimate failure to locate them.

The Biden administration still won't clarify what, exactly, was shot down.


After the earlier downing of the Chinese spy balloon, which the Biden administration let zig-zag over some of America's most sensitive military sites before finally shooting it down a week later, no less than three unidentified objects were blown out of the sky.

First, one was shot down over northern Alaska. Not long after, the second object was ordered shot down by Canada, as it was hovering over the Yukon.

The third object was shot down less than a day after the second, and it was downed over Lake Huron.

The Hill noted:

The objects have not been specifically identified, but President Biden said on Thursday that they were likely linked to a private company or researchers and not meant for surveillance as the Chinese balloon was.

The official said Canada is continuing to search for the object that was taken down over the territory of Yukon.

Some believe that calling off the search is a convenient excuse to hide a potentially embarrassing situation in that the U.S military might have been ordered to shoot down weather balloons or other scientific or hobbyist equipment, which would have posed virtually no threat to anyone, anywhere.

Hobbyist group claims one

The object shot down over northern Alaska could have possibly been a hobbyist balloon launched by the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade.

The group was careful not to accuse the U.S. government of downing its small balloon, but the data from the balloon's last contact matches up to the location and altitude where the Alaska object was shot down.

“As has been widely reported, no part of the object shot down by the U.S. Air Force jet over the Yukon territory has been recovered,” the group said in a statement on their website. “Until that happens and that object is confirmed to be an identifiable pico balloon, any assertions or claims that our balloon was involved in that incident are not supported by facts.”

The Biden administration had better pray that it didn't shoot down a balloon belonging to a hobbyist group, as that's more embarrassing than any possible scenario one could think of.

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