Second gentleman urges Democrats to back Kamala if Biden doesn’t run

A Politico report on Tuesday said that Doug Emhoff has told Democrats they need to back his wife, Vice President Kamala Harris, if President Joe Biden decides not to run again in 2024 at the age of 82.

The statement was only in passing, but illustrates much about the goings-on in the Democrat party as Biden dodders through his first term and Harris seems nearly as gaffe-prone as he is.

Emhoff’s statement was reported in the context of a random voter’s comment to Politico that she wished “we had a stronger vice president” because Biden would “feel more confident that he has a good back-up,” which might impact his decision to run in 2024.

The dynamic

It has been the dynamic since shortly after Biden took office: he is clearly failing mentally, but isn’t comfortable stepping down when Harris would be his replacement.

Emhoff’s comment was illustrative of another dynamic in the Democrat party, however: Biden is seriously considering not running for re-election in 2024, no matter how much he says otherwise.

After all, if he just hangs in until 2024, the party could nominate someone who might actually win. Someone with poll numbers better than his, not worse as Harris has.

In reality, Biden is not running the country; his wife is, or some cabal of Democrat power brokers.

It would likely be the same under a Harris presidency, because she is clearly unprepared for the job.

Sad state

Despite Emhoff’s comments, it would be a sad state of affairs indeed if Harris were the best the Democrats had to offer in 2024.

Sure, a lot of Democrats would vote for her because she would be the first female president, and she’s (sort of) Black to boot.

But she doesn’t even know what’s going on half the time, apparently because she doesn’t bother to do the work of reading briefings so that she can be coherent and knowledgeable.

This is not the type of person we need to lead this country, whether Democrat or Republican.