Secrets poll says voters want both McConnell and McCarthy replaced as leaders

A new Rassmussen poll sponsored by Washington Secrets showed that most voters want new Republican leadership in Washington; most want to see both Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) replaced rather than continue to lead the party. 

McConnell was seen more unfavorably than McCarthy, but even so, 47% said they wanted to see McCarthy replaced rather than becoming House Speaker in the new term as he is expected to do. 31% said they wanted him to be speaker, while the other 22% weren’t sure.

A full 61% think Republicans should choose a different Senate leader, even though McConnell has already been elected minority leader by his fellow Republican senators.

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized and attacked McConnell in recent months, which may have contributed to his unfavorable ratings by Republicans.

A challenge

McConnell also faced a stronger challenge than he ever had before in trying to retain his leadership position.

Sen. Rick Scott (FL) went for the leadership role with the support of 11 Senate Republican colleagues, led by Sen. Ted Cruz (TX).

But the challenge failed, and McConnell was re-elected by the other 37 Republicans.

McCarthy’s situation

As for McCarthy, he was nominated for Speaker and will be voted on soon. He needs 218 votes to be elected speaker, and there are only 220 Republicans in the House–31 of which opposed him in the initial nomination.

There is not really a viable alternative to his Speakership, however, so those opposed will probably fall in line at some point.

And while McCarthy has shown consistent conservative leadership, he is from California, where most Republicans that manage to get elected are more moderate.

It’s understandable that many voters are skeptical about leaders who seemed to flub the expected “red wave.”

Starting over may not be a bad idea, but most Republicans in Congress seem to feel that the devil they know is better than starting over with someone new, who may not have the kind of power and clout that the current leaders have.