Sen. Chuck Grassley demands answers on alleged FBI interference in Hunter Biden investigation

Late last month, Fox News reported that FBI Assistant Special Agent Timothy Thibault resigned amid allegations that he exhibited bias in the investigation of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

In what may ultimately prove to be a nightmare for both Biden and his father, a Republican lawmaker is now demanding that Thibault testifies on Capitol Hill. 

“Thibault blocked the FBI from doing what would normally be done”

According to the Washington Examiner, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley made a speech on the Senate floor earlier this month in which he cited whistleblower allegations that Thibault prevented agents from pursuing leads during the 2020 election.

Grassley noted that Thibault’s alleged chicanery extended beyond matters relating to the laptop and also included a separate inquiry into potential law breaking by the president’s son.

“FBI officials wanted to take action with respect to this separate investigative information the FBI had in its possession related to Hunter Biden. However, Thibault blocked the FBI from doing what would normally be done,” Grassley asserted.

“Accordingly, the investigative activity and information could not be advanced as it should’ve been, which means the FBI could have gathered more evidence with respect to Hunter Biden but cut bait instead. And the FBI and Thibault cut bait right before the 2020 presidential election,” the senator continued.

Statement from Thibault denies wrongdoing

The Examiner noted that for his part, Thibault had his lawyers release a statement insisting that he “was not fired, not forced to retire, and not asked to retire.”

“There have also been allegations that Mr. Thibault took certain actions in investigations for partisan political reasons,” the statement asserted. “Mr. Thibault welcomes any investigation of these false allegations, regardless of his retirement.”

“He firmly believes that any investigation will conclude his supervision, leadership, and decision-making were not impacted by political bias or partisanship of any kind,” it continued.

“To further set the record straight … Mr. Thibault did not supervise the investigation of Hunter Biden, which, as confirmed by the FBI Director on August 4, 2022, is being handled by the Baltimore Field Office,” the statement read.

“In particular, Mr. Thibault was not involved in any decisions related to any laptop that may be at issue in that investigation, and he did not seek to close the investigation,” it concluded.