Sen. Chuck Schumer: Dems ‘will hold Senate’

According to the Washington Examiner, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) just publicly expressed his belief that the Democrats, in the midterm elections, will maintain control of the upper chamber. 

“It’s tight,” Schumer, referring to the battle for the Senate, told the Associated Press.

The Senate majority leader continued, “I believe Democrats will hold the Senate and maybe even pick up seats.”

The question that has to be asked is whether Schumer, here, knows something that everyone else does not.

Republicans forecasted to win

At stake in the midterm elections is the control of Congress and, with it, President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ ability to impose their leftist agenda on the people of the United States. If Republicans take back Congress, they can stop Biden and the Democrats in their tracks.

To retake the U.S. House of Representatives, Republicans need to net a handful of seats. If the polls are to be believed, then it is looking as though this will happen, as though Republicans will retake the House.

Real Clear Politics, for example, has a minimum of 228 seats going to the Republicans, which is already enough to gain the majority. FiveThirtyEight similarly has Republicans solidly “favored” to win back the House.

The U.S. Senate, though, is a slightly different story.

The trend is with the Republicans

For the longest time, the battle over the U.S. Senate — where there is currently a 50-50 split — has been considered a toss-up. But, as the midterm election shave drawn ever closer, things have been trending in the Republicans’ favor.

Now, Real Clear Politics has Republicans winning a minimum of 48 Senate seats in the midterms, with eight seats listed as toss-ups. Republicans, of course, will need to get to 51 to gain the upper hand in the upper chamber. FiveThirtyEight, similarly, has Republicans now “slightly favored” to win the Senate.

Perhaps even more important than these specific numbers, though, is the fact that, as stated, polling has been rapidly trending in the Republicans’ favor. It was mere days ago, for example, that FiveThirtyEight still had the Senate listed as a “dead heat.”

So, again, the question that has to be asked, given the above information, is why Schumer has such confidence that the Democrats are not only going to hold the Senate but possibly pick up seats. Schumer did not offer an explanation.