Sen. Cotton blocks Biden DOJ nominees because it sided with BLM rioters against U.S. Marshals

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has put the Biden regime and its hyper-partisan Justice Department on notice for pandering to Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters.

Cotton will not support any of Biden’s DOJ nominees after the department failed to explain why it won’t defend, from lawsuits, a number of U.S. Marshals who protected Portland’s federal courthouse during the “mostly peaceful” BLM riots of 2020, Fox News reported.

Cotton blocks DOJ nominees

Throughout the summer of 2020, Portland was a focal point of the widespread violence, looting, and arson that terrorized communities around the country.

Federal officers who defended the federal courthouse in Portland from rioters were smeared by Democrats as “storm troopers” terrorizing “peaceful protesters.” They were attacked with lasers, mortars, and other dangerous weapons, Cotton recalled in a letter warning the DOJ to respond by Feb. 2.

“These courageous officers were attacked by left-wing street militants with weapons such as mortar fire, ball bearings, and blinding lasers,” Cotton said in the letter.

“A refusal to represent these Deputy Marshals would violate the Department’s long-standing practice — not to mention its moral duty — to defend law-enforcement officers when they’re sued for actions in the line of duty.”

After the Department blew past Cotton’s deadline, he moved to withhold votes from six U.S. attorneys and two U.S. Marshals, Fox News reported.

A pattern emerges

The Department claimed in a statement to Fox News that it “represents or has paid for representation of over 70 federal employees who have been sued in connection with the events in Portland,” adding, “to date, the department has denied legal representation for only one federal employee in these cases.”

But a legal group that is representing four U.S. Marshals told Fox that one of its clients was denied counsel by the DOJ. A rejection letter read that the Biden administration did not consider representation “in the interests of the United States.”

After a year in power, Biden’s aggressively political attorney general, Merrick Garland, has effectively turned the Justice Department into a weapon against Biden’s political enemies using a thin pretext of “domestic extremism.”

While treating leftist rioters with leniency — including many of the Portland rioters, “insurrectionists,” one might say, who have had their cases dropped, Biden’s DOJ has targeted protesters on the right, including parents at school board meetings who the Biden regime has branded “domestic terrorists.”

Garland gave a preview of the Biden regime’s Stalinist approach when he refused to describe attacks on the Portland courthouse as “domestic terrorism” during his confirmation hearings. Maybe Cotton is on to something, here.

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