Sen. Lee dominates never-Trumper Evan McMullin, poll reveals

Breitbart News reports that a new poll has Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) dominating Evan McMullin, his never-Trumper opponent, in the race for Lee’s U.S. Senate seat. 

The poll is an internal poll that was conducted by WPA Intelligence for Lee’s reelection campaign. Between Aug. 4 and 5, the pollster surveyed 500 likely voters.

WPA Intelligence found that Lee is leading McMullin by a whopping 18 percentage points, 50% to 32%.

Of the remaining 18 percentage points, 12% of participants indicated that they are undecided about for whom they will vote, while 6% indicated that they plan to vote for another candidate, other than Lee and McMullin.

McMullin counters

McMullin recently countered Lee’s poll with an internal poll of his own, conducted for his campaign.

This poll was conducted between Aug. 29 and Sept. 1 among 800 likely voters, and it shows a significantly closer race than Lee’s poll suggests. It has McMullin in the lead by one percentage point, 47% to 46%.

There are several things to point out about McMullin’s poll, though. For one, McMullin has not released the poll’s methodology, and, for another, the poll casts the Senate race as a two-way race as opposed to what it actually is, namely, a six-way race.

In other words, legitimate questions have been raised about the accuracy of McMullin’s poll.

Controlling the narrative

It is clear that both candidates, with their internal polls, are attempting to drive the narrative of the Senate race.

Here is the corresponding message that McMullin posted to Twitter:

BREAKING: Our campaign is officially in the lead in Utah’s Senate race! The latest poll shows us beating @SenMikeLee in November—and it’s because of the incredible coalition that’s come together to support this independent movement. Let’s do this, Utah!

Lee’s campaign responded:

Our latest internal polling shows Senator Lee with a large (18-point) lead among likely voters. This isn’t surprising because he has been clear about where he stands in supporting Utahns. Mr. McMullin’s latest poll, published by Joe Biden’s pollster, is nowhere near our numbers. Unsurprisingly he hasn’t published his methodology before quickly going public with his numbers.

“It’s his latest attempt to breathe life into a campaign that hasn’t been resonating with Utahns,” Lee’s campaign concluded.