Sen. Lisa Murkowski wins under Alaska’s controversial ranked choice system

Many conservatives were left disappointed this week when The Hill reported that Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski won reelection to another term.

Murkowski declared winner under controversial ranked-choice voting system

The website noted that Murkowski’s victory on Wednesday represents the first time a senator has been chosen using the state’s controversial ranked-choice voting system.

Nate Adams serves as Murkowski’s campaign manager, and he was quoted as saying in a memo that “[a]ny remaining outstanding votes (absentee and early) will break favorably for Lisa Murkowski.”

“When the ranked-choice process plays out on November 23rd and 2nd place votes are tallied, Lisa Murkowski will once again secure re-election,” he added.

Murkowski squared off against former Alaska Department of Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka, who was backed by former President Donald Trump.

Murkowski received substantial support in her campaign against Tshibaka from Senate Minority Leader Mitch, with Fox News reporting that a super PAC linked to McConnell spent millions backing Murkowski while shying away from other races.

“It is regrettable that Sen. Mitch McConnell spent millions of dollars in this race on deceptive ads to secure what he wanted – a Senate minority that he can control, as opposed to a majority that he could not,” Fox News quoted Tshibaka as saying.

“Donors’ money would have been better spent in other states to elect more Republicans that would have secured a majority in the Senate,” she added.

Murkowski voted to impeach Trump and refused to support Brett Kavanaugh

The Washington Post reported last month that the Alaska GOP voted to censure McConnell over his support of Murkowski.

It quoted Tshibaka as saying that the Alaska Republican Party told the Senate minority leader “to butt out of our state,” adding that he should have directed funds to “other states where a Republican has a chance to beat a Democrat.”

Murkowski is widely considered to be a liberal Republican who has often broken with other members of her party, such as in 2021 when she joined with Democrats to support the impeachment of former President Trump.

What’s more, Murkowski was also the only Republican senator not to vote in favor of confirming Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh in 2018.