Sen. Manchin says “no” to Pres. Biden’s Build Back Better bill

It’s over: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) declared on Sunday that he is a “no” on President Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar Build Back Better bill. 

Manchin’s declaration came during an appearance on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday.”

“I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation,” Manchin said, adding, “This is a no on this legislation.”

He went on to say such things as “that bill is a mammoth piece of legislation,” and “I’ve tried, I really did.”


The Democrats had made it a goal of theirs to pass President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill by Christmas. They already made it part of the way to this goal by pushing the legislation through the House. But, the problem was always going to be the Senate.

The Senate is currently split 50-50 with the tie-breaking vote going to Vice President Kamala Harris, and thus, the Democrats. Normally, to get through the Senate a piece of legislation needs 60 votes. The Democrats knew that they weren’t going to get that for the Build Back Better bill, so they tried to get around the 60-vote threshold using the reconciliation process.

The reconciliation process effectively lowers the 60-vote threshold to a simple majority of 51. So, all the Democrats needed to pass Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar bill was to get all their members on board.

But, they couldn’t do it.

The latest

This week, the Biden White House negotiated with Manchin after Manchin made it clear that he would not support the bill as is. Despite Democrat leadership turning the screws on Manchin, he stood firm.

Biden signaled that Manchin wasn’t going to give in earlier this week by stating that it was his belief that the Build Back Better bill would not be passed before Christmas, as the Democrats had hoped.

But, if what Manchin said on Sunday is true, then this should, more or less, be the death of Biden’s socialist spending agenda.

One word of caution is that Manchin, when push comes to shove, has been known to waiver. It, for example, wouldn’t be the first time that he says he can’t support some radical legislation and then goes on to support it. But, at least at the moment, all signs would seem to suggest that Biden’s Build Back Better bill is dead.

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