Sen. Paul insists Fauci continues to lie about origins of COVID-19

As far as COVID-19’s origins are concerned, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is like a pitbull because he has locked on to his prey and isn’t letting go.

The prey, Dr. Anthony Fauci, flip-flopped on several major COVID-related issues, including perhaps the most important, the actual origin of the deadly virus. The Kentucky senator insists that the virus resulted from an unsafe, possibly intentional leak after a gain-of-function research initiative at a Chinese lab went wrong.

“When Dr. Fauci said that this research was reviewed and found to be safe by experts, that was also a lie,” Paul said during a recent interview, asserting that he believes there’s much more to the U.S.-funded gain-of-function research he believes led to the development of COVID-19.

The remarks came shortly after a hearing in Congress led by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Emerging Threats. It’s purpose was to determine if the gain-of-function research led to COVID’s development.

Paul holds nothing back

The Republican senator — who also happens to be a medical doctor — and a growing number of scientists, strongly believe that COVID-19 is a product of gain-of-function research in a Chinese lab, as opposed to the original theory that, like some viruses, it simply developed in nature.

“I think the key was that all three scientists that we brought in—and these were esteemed scientists that have been interested in this issue for some time—all three of the scientists agree that the research … was gain-of-function research, that this research was a dangerous type of research that should have been reviewed by the pandemic committee that reviews dangerous research, and that it wasn’t,” Paul said.

He added: “What Dr. Fauci said, directly in committee, that the [National Institutes of Health] does not fund gain-of-function [research] in Wuhan and never has is an out-and-out lie.”

Paul has been one of the few senators who has consistently questioned Fauci in an attempt to discover what really happened with the COVID-19 pandemic as a whole.

Fauci says bring it on

Paul, and many other Republican members of Congress, have vowed to launch meaningful, serious investigations into all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including Fauci’s role.

Fauci, at least on the surface, has recently said that he’s totally fine with that — even going as far as challenging Paul and others to investigate him, as he claims he has nothing to hide.

“My records are an open book. They are talking about things that are really bizarre … like crimes against democracy by shutting down the government,” Fauci said during a recent CNN interview.

He added: “All I have ever done — and go back and look at everything I’ve ever done — was to recommend common sense, good, CDC-recommended public health policies that have saved millions of lives. If you want to investigate for me for that, go ahead.”

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