Senate candidate Blake Masters dubs Sen. Mark Kelly the ‘worst senator in America’

According to Blake Masters, Arizona’s leading Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat, one man stands alone as the “worst senator in America,” namely, Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ). 

Breitbart News reports that Masters made the claim while speaking at the Save America rally that was held in Prescott, Arizona, on Friday night.

“It’s just so good to be here,” Masters said upon taking the stage.

He continued:

Of course, we’re here because we’ve got a few problems to fix. I wish it weren’t true, but man, it is. And one of the problems – I’m talking now about the worst Senator in America, you know who it is, Mark Kelly

“He was an astronaut!”

Masters didn’t stop after calling Kelly the “worst Senator in America.” He went on to explain why hitting Kelly with some serious truths.

Masters said:

And if you know one thing about Mark Kelly, it’s that he was an astronaut. Have you heard about this? He’ll tell you all about it. Mark Kelly is completely disconnected from what life is like here on planet Earth. He’s just out to lunch. Here on Earth, in America, out-of-control inflation means that your gas, and your groceries, and your rent just keep going up and up and up. Here on Earth, in America, out-of-control illegal immigration just means that violent crime gets worse and worse.

Masters then highlighted Kelly’s voting record, noting that Kelly has voted for “all the crazy spending that has caused this massive inflation” and that Kelly has voted “voted to legalize abortion nationwide up until the moment of birth.”

Masters argued that, in the midterm elections, voters ought to “send [Kelly] back to space.”

There’s more

Besides Kelly, Masters also took aim at establishment Republicans, whom he said are complicit in the destruction caused by the Biden administration and congressional Democrats.

Masters said:

But you know who else deserves some blame, the weak-willed establishment Republicans who’ve stood idly by and let it happen. You know who I’m talking about, so-called ‘conservative’ leaders, who are apparently too weak to conserve anything. These guys just want to go along to get along, maybe they want to slow down the progressives just a little bit – not good enough. I am sick of these RINOs, are you sick of them? They only want to play defense, but we can’t do that.

Masters called for his fellow Republicans to “play offense” as former President Donald Trump did. Masters also called on Republicans to “impeach Joe Biden.”

Suffice it to say that Masters certainly ruffled a lot of feathers on Friday.

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