Senate candidate Katie Porter says black woman should get first dibs on Feinstein seat if she resigns

 February 9, 2023

California Democrat Katie Porter is calling on Governor Gavin Newsom (D) to appoint a black woman to replace longtime senator Dianne Feinstein in case the 89-year-old retires early.

Porter, who is white, also wants Feinstein's job -- and she isn't quitting the race despite calling for a black woman to get first dibs.

Democrat's replacement call

Reading from her little red book, Porter told NBC News that California needs more "diversity" in political leadership.

She noted that Newsom has promised to appoint a black woman if Feinstein steps aside before 2024.

"The Governor has made that commitment publicly to the people of California, and I think elected officials should keep their promises,” Porter said.

"I think there's a reality that we need more diversity of voices in our Congress, we need more people with different kinds of experiences and that means we do need more Black people in the Senate, we need more Black women in particular."

Porter not going anywhere

Despite calling for "diversity," Porter has no intentions of stepping aside. She told NBC that she is some kind of advocate for black people.

“I have a track record for fighting for the very kinds of issues that make a difference in the lives of Black Americans and Black communities,” Porter said. “Black Americans do not get people helping them with issues like healthcare, with housing, with being cheated by scam artists, and those are some of the fights I’ve taken on.”

The thinly veiled racial paternalism of the white liberal progressive -- it always comes out eventually, doesn't it?

Diversity for thee, not for me

But Porter isn't the only candidate in the race. Her main competitor is notorious "Russia collusion" conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff (D-CA) -- who is also white. Not merely that, but white and male.

Schiff, who has already received a powerful endorsement from Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), isn't letting ideology get in the way of his personal ambitions, either.

"I think they (voters) will consider our track records… what we’ve been able to accomplish, as well as issues like race and gender and I’m perfectly comfortable with whatever decision voters make about what they need right now,” he told NBC.

Now, Feinstein has already said she isn't retiring early, so it looks like Porter is just virtue signaling. Big shock, that.

But Rep. Barabara Lee (D-CA), who is a black woman, is also running. So, Porter and Schiff still have a chance to prove their devotion to "diversity" by stepping aside. We won't hold our breath.

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