Senate confirms Cardon as education secretary after GOP presses him on transgender athletics

U.S. senators continue to hold hearings this week to consider President Joe Biden’s nominees for various high-ranking positions within his administration.

One vote of particular interest led to the confirmation on Monday of Dr. Miguel Cardon to serve as education secretary.

“Forced to allow boys to compete in girls’ sports”

As Fox News reported, the Senate voted by a margin of 64-33 to approve Cardon, who formerly served as Connecticut’s education commissioner. He was previously a public school educator and administrator.

While he easily passed the majority threshold to be confirmed, Cardon fielded widespread questioning regarding the Biden administration’s education policies — including those related to transgender athletes.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), for example, wanted to know how he would handle the issue of transgender female athletes playing on the same teams as those born as females.

“The Office of Civil Rights sent a letter to Connecticut saying boys can compete with girls in girls’ sports or [the state] should be forced to allow boys to compete in girls’ sports,” Paul said. “If you are confirmed, will you enforce that Office of Civil Rights Opinion?”

The nominee acknowledged that “there are a lot of concerns about that,” adding that if he were confirmed, it would be his “responsibility” and “privilege to make sure we’re following the civil rights of all students, and that includes activities they may engage in high school or athletics.”

“That’s bizarre, not very fair”

Paul, however, appeared unsatisfied with the response, going on to emphasize the biological differences between biologically male and female individuals.

The senator referenced the potential that girls could miss out on college scholarship opportunities if forced to face off against competitors born male.

“A lot of us think that’s bizarre, not very fair,” Paul added. “I come from a family that has a lot of girls who have competed in college athletics, who have been state champions.”

Paul said that it “doesn’t sound very fair” for a transgender male to compete against his niece, asserting that he believes “most people think it’s bizarre.”

For his part, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who participated in the hearing remotely, referenced the family photos in his own office, stating: “I’ve got pictures of my eight granddaughters, amongst some grandsons, behind me. They shouldn’t be competing with people who are physiologically in an entirely different category.”

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20 Responses

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  2. When will the Republicans grow a spine? All they do is bend to the wishes of the Democrats. Time to send them home and replace them with others that are strong, brave, and unafraid to fight, who will defend our values, our Constitution

  3. This is stupid and bizzare Mitt Romney would not know the difference even if his nose was pressed tight against the mirror, he is a true Democrat as a Republican in sheep’s clothing.

    1. He did say he did not agree with girls competing against boys – though I’m not a Romney fan – maybe you didn’t read it that way

  4. As a mechanic I find it impossible to like trannys since they have so many problems and are often shiftless and can’t figure out what gear they were meant to be in . Just thought I would try something different since my first two attempts failed to go through .

  5. This site is worse than facebook or twitter to post on and you call yourselves the Conservative Institute . Three out of four posts didn’t go through and no idea why .

  6. WARNING, THIS IS A RACIST SITE THAT WILL NOT ALLOWED Hispanic Comments. I sent two comments and they block them. They only had truth
    Stated in them. America is fast becoming like the Communist dictatorship
    Country we from.

  7. Well, my daughters will not be competing in any sports. I think it would be funny to see a guy in a tutu though…lmbo

  8. This is just the beginning. I know it is a long time away but everything Biden and his goons and clowns do will be undone. You know Biden doesn’t give 2 craps about our children unless he is sniffing them or kissing them.

  9. So, parents across the country are ging to have to stop having their children paly school based organized sports (esp. girls) and create high level organized private sports (where only boys and girls play on boys and girls teams). College recruiters will quickly figure out where to find the athletes. Also, organized women’s groups will have to sue all the way to the Supreme Court to press for the supremacy of Title VII (vs. bogus “transgender’s) funding to woman’s sports.

  10. Will I don’t like it when I make a statement and this damn site won’t put it up for people to read.

  11. I get emails from the Democratic Party to donate to them. Even after I told them to leave me alone and will not support a evil party agenda. Narcissistic Party.

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