Senate Democrats disappointed that Biden administration has failed to meet refugee target

The Washington Examiner reported last October that President Joe Biden announced his administration would welcome 125,000 refugees in fiscal year 2022.

Yet rather than boosting the number of vetted refugees that America admits, Biden has instead decided to throw open the southern border to all comers. 

According to an article published by the Examiner this past Sunday, the United States is on track to allow in roughly 25,000 refugees.

The president’s failure to meet his stated goal regarding refugee numbers led to criticism among members of his own party.

Democrats urge faster action

The Examiner noted that 11 Senate Democrats wrote a letter to the president on August 26 asking him to address refugee resettlement.

“Through your leadership of this interagency effort, we urge you to rapidly adjudicate refugee cases, in particular family reunification cases; to prioritize the implementation of reforms … and to collaborate substantively with Congress and with the refugee resettlement agencies to increase the pace of this work,” they wrote.

The senators pointed out that figures for last year were even lower, with just 11,411 refugees being processed through resettlement support centers. That total represents 439 fewer refugees than former President Donald Trump admitted in fiscal year 2020.

However, while the Biden administration has admitted relatively few refugees, it has overseen an unprecedented wave of illegal migration along the southern border, leading to widespread applications for asylum.

Chaotic and dysfunctional

Last month, Fox News reported that the Department of Homeland Security estimated that nearly 2 million encounters with illegal border crossers had taken place up to that point in fiscal year 2022.

Jessica Vaughan serves as director of policy studies at the conservative Center for Immigration Studies, and she told the Examiner that America’s refugee policy has been replaced with a “chaotic” approach that rewards lawbreaking.

“In effect, the Biden administration has replaced the refugee program, run in close collaboration with the United Nations and state organizations, with our chaotic and dysfunctional asylum system that rewards anyone who makes it to the U.S. border and claims fear of return or arrives with a child, or is a child — regardless of whether they actually face persecution, oppression, or any displacement at all,” she complained.

Vaughan went on to call the current situation “a free-for-all that is not necessarily benefiting those in the world who most need safe haven.”