Schumer: Democrats are ‘united in opposition’ against Amy Coney Barrett

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said Saturday during a press conference that Senate Democrats are “united in opposition” to Amy Coney Barrett, the federal judge President Donald Trump has nominated to the Supreme Court. 

Schumer also said that Democrats would be “alerting the American people” to Barrett’s threat to their healthcare, Breitbart reported.

As a conservative, Barrett could be a deciding vote in finishing the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, that was started by an earlier ruling against the mandate that people had to buy health insurance.

“My colleagues are united in opposition,” Schumer said. “Many of them have issued statements in opposition, and we are united. Democrats House, Senate, and Joe Biden in alerting the American people to the danger, danger to their health care, their very health care they depend on, with this nomination.”

Schumer focuses on health care

Schumer and his fellow Democrats are hoping against hope that they can scare the American public into turning against Barrett by telling them she will take away their health care.

“Health care is the most important issue on the ballot to Americans and as Americans learn Judge Barrett’s views on health care and so many other issues, she will become less and less popular, and hopefully they will call their senators and say ‘don’t vote for someone who will take away my health care,'” Schumer said.

Trump has already released a replacement for Obamacare that promises plans with 60% cheaper premiums, lower prices on prescription drugs, and an end to surprise billing for health care. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is also protected, contrary to Biden’s repeated lies to the contrary.

Democrats can’t stop Barrett confirmation

The fact is, Schumer and the other Senate Democrats can’t stop the majority Republicans from confirming Barrett, and they know it. Being “united” against her still only gives them 47 votes, which is not enough to overcome the 53-vote majority Republicans have.

The U.K. Daily Mail noted that Schumer’s speech was called “hysterical” online because of its heightened rhetoric, and the site itself referred to the speech as “melodramatic.”

Democrats are terrified that a Barrett nomination will be the end of Roe v. Wade and their ability to end unborn lives as they see fit. In reality, Roe v. Wade would only end the federal protections for abortion: states would be able to make whatever laws they wanted about it, from an outright ban to allowing full-term abortions for any reason.

It would be somewhat of an embarrassment for Democrats to have such a staunch conservative replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles when you have a Republican president and Senate.

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