Establishment Senate Republicans eye exit as Trump maintains party influence: Reports

Although former President Donald Trump has returned to life as a private citizen, a fractured Republican Party still shows signs of a complicated future.

Next year’s midterm elections, for example, could spell trouble for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as establishment GOP senators reportedly prepare for retirement, the Washington Examiner reports.

“I’m not sure there’s anybody”

As reports have noted, McConnell has signaled some support for an impeachment effort against Trump in the apparent hopes of ridding his party of the former president’s influence.

The 2022 GOP primary races could serve as the first major test of Trump’s post-presidential influence within his party as a supportive populist wing battles the establishment faction that would rather see the 45th president fade into political memory.

Potentially flummoxing the desires of McConnell and others in his camp are the impending retirements of Sens. Pat Toomey (R-PA), Rob Portman (R-OH), and Richard Burr (R-NC), the Examiner reports.

Furthermore, diehard pro-Trump Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) has not ruled out a potential Senate bid. Even former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, a Portman ally, believes Jordan would likely be successful.

“Jim is well-positioned if in fact he’s ready to take that leap,” Blackwell said. “I’m not sure there’s anybody that would beat him.”

“Moved into GOP strongholds”

None of the outgoing senators are loyalists to the Trump agenda, and Toomey has publicly stated that the former president potentially committed “impeachable” offenses in riling up a mob of supporters ahead of the deadly riot on Capitol Hill earlier this month.

The Pennsylvania Republican was one of just five Senate Republicans who voted against a motion calling the impeachment effort against Trump unconstitutional, USA Today noted.

In any case, it seems clear that Trump’s influence within the GOP remains tangible and could help shape the makeup of Congress in coming years.

Republican political strategist Nicholas Everhart opined recently that the “presidential general election battlegrounds staples of Ohio and Florida in the 2000s have moved into GOP strongholds” in recent years, possibly indicating new opportunities for the party in those and other states.

With Trump hunkered down at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida golf resort, speculation has already begun to swirl around his supposed plots to seek revenge against those Republicans he views as insufficiently supportive of his administration.

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  3. Blah…. Blah…. Blah…. With the Democrats perfecting Ballot Harvesting, Mail in vote fraud and Election Machine count switching… Unfortunately the Republicans don’t stand a chance of winning anything!

    1. Not necessarily. All states should discount mail in voting. All states should use ballot voting or absentee voting only with notary stamp.

  4. we’re stuck with mitch and cornyn for the next 6 years and those two traitors will never do anything to advance any of Trump’s agenda.

  5. As a Pennsylvania resident I can tell you all that I am sooooo happy that Toomey is: “outta here”, as Harry Kalas would say ,Adios, good riddance ,beat it, get out of here pronto, scram, hit the road jack as many patriotic Pennsylvanians say now ,Not fast enough ,this swamp rat ,deep stater who made millions while in office can`t leave so enough, now he will retire after putting the country into communists hands with his comrade Joe

  6. We all know how easy it is t switch gears to stay above the mobs, but it’s time to show your ability to stay honest with your president, even if HE ISN’T PERFECT!! We didn’t vote him in as a man of God! No one would stand a chance if we demanded such a commitment ! We are a Christian nation, even if the nutzoids don’t accept, so I demand we be given a chance to prove we are good, dependable people, even if not PERFECT!!
    If the losers in the senate and the house can’t be honest and give a man an even chance to do his job as president, then we need to rid ourselves of their stupidity!!

  7. I am the first registered Republican member of my family and have championed
    election of key party members in 3 different states for over 40 years , however, believe we need to carefully evaluate who can articulate the future of the party and lead a new generation of local, state and regional leaders who select a national leader with a grand vision for the nation.

    This may require looking past the present cross-section of leaders to identify
    new personalities .

  8. Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-lago is NOT a golf resort. It is a private club with Owner’s quarters. It does not have a golf course and it is NOT a resort.

  9. mcconnell, pence, mccain, cheney, etc., are the reason I am no longer a republican, but am now registered as independent. Have always and will continue to vote conservative.

    1. Amen! You are exactly right. The Republican Party is loaded with traitor Democrats in sheep wool! When they had the majority in the House and Senate they sat on their heads and done NOTHING but flap their lying lips!

  10. I’m not positive yet , but am leaning more and more Independent Party. Have had it with wishy washy Republicans who say one thing and stand for nothing. As soon as I see what President Trump is going to do I will make my decision. Hopefully, it will be TRUMP 2024!

    1. I will vote for Trump in 2024. What really needs to happen is the elimination of the hate in the Democrats. Democrats had/has no viable presidential candidate because of their hate…. hate doesn’t destroy the person you hate… it destroys you… and it has destroyed the Democratic party. Back to basics. I would like to see a Constitutional Party….

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