Senate Republicans say McConnell’s impeachment vote could cost him leadership role

The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted earlier this month to impeach then-President Donald Trump, making him the first commander in chief to be impeached twice.

Ahead of a Senate trial, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has declined to reveal how he expects to vote — and some in his party are threatening that voting to convict Trump could cost him his GOP leadership position.

“They tried to use fear”

A handful of House Republicans supported the latest impeachment effort, arguing that Trump bore some responsibility for inciting a violent riot on Capitol Hill.

McConnell has similarly lashed out at the former president over his rhetoric in a rally prior to the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol building that resulted in multiple deaths, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

“The mob was fed lies,” the Senate’s top Republican claimed during remarks from the Senate floor on Tuesday, as Breitbart reported. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.”

His position does not seem to be resonating among the majority of his caucus, however, and some are beginning to question whether they will continue supporting him in his position of leadership.

One unnamed GOP senator said that if McConnell votes to convict, it is unknown “if he can stay as leader.”

“Show me the clip”

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) was among the Senate Republicans willing to speak on the record, asserting: “I don’t even think we should be having a trial.”

In remarks on Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made it clear that he is not on board with McConnell’s remarks.

“I don’t agree with him,” he said, according to Newsweek. “That would be a crime, to provoke somebody, to incite them to violence. Show me the clip where he did that.”

In the House, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has already faced backlash over her decision to vote in favor of impeachment, with some in the GOP backing an effort to oust her from a leadership post.

The Wyoming Republican Party also issued a statement last week, noting that party members “vehemently disagree with Representative Cheney’s decision and actions.”

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66 Responses

    1. Agree. His mouth and his true feelings are out in the open. I say no turning back for him — he has done the damage. People will not want to give to the GOP because of him and a few more; namely one LC and others that blame Trump for January 6. His connection to China is a good reason he can go along with Joe Biden. Hard to know who you can trust in our party anymore?

      1. What party? Spineless RINO Republican Party just about done – over! Many caved to their lobbyists & special interest groups- its all about the VOTE & the $$$$$
        Republicans doing what they do BEST CAVE!

        1. I am so sickened by McConnell’s treason. Sickened that I ever voted for the America -hating bastard.

      2. One thing is for certain: It ain’t Mitch McConnell. He is a whore, plain and simple. He was one for Obama, he was one for Trump and now he’s one for Biden. He is out for Mitch McConnell and his Chinese wife and their Chinese business connections. This is not a dig at Americans of Chinese descent, most are pretty good folks.

      3. Yep. I’ve already returned some requests for $$$ and said exactly WHY. They shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them.
        TRUMP WON 2020

      4. I’m so done with this party! I will never give another penny to them! I have already changed my party affiliation from Republican to Independent. If Trump starts another party (patriot party) I will join and financially support that party. Both progressives and Republicans have forgotten who they work for.

        1. I do not have face book any more either, but I am in agreement with you about my Republican affiliation. 10 Republican voted to impeach President Trump and if he is impeached I will get out. But never a Democrats. I wish I could send this message to the rep party.

      5. McConnell’s true color came out. He cannot be trusted nor he is pro America, he is part of the swamp connected to China through his Chinese American wife.

    2. How many people realize that the first communist government was installed on the January 20th.? Biden in his speech said, “we have a communist government and it should have been communist years before now.” Are WE THE PEOPLE just going to bow down and accept this? Communism cannot be allowed! Either we do what is necessary to remove this scorge or our Republic is doomed. Wake up people!

    3. Until the gop decides which side they are on, I will not become a member of the “RINO” party. Trump has my support anyway he wants us to go. Thank You President Trump! I HATE RINO’S!!

    1. Plus he needs to know democrats paid Antifa to cause chaos and Kamala Harris posted bail for the Antifa rioters!

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  2. Vote him out, show him who is in control. And it certainly isn’t him. Stand up for our President. This is just another witch hunt so he can’t run again.

    1. Unfortunately by the time 4 years of Biden is through, voting him out will be to little, to late. People we absolutely must realize what has happened here! The communist are not just inside our gate they have stolen the election and now control our country. The American Republic will not last through 4 years of Anti-christian anti-freedom anti-God, every freedom and liberty our founding fathers gave us will be gone. I won’t be surprised when the bastards stand on the capital steps and burn our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. It will be much much to late my friends. Whether a
      People believe this or not this is their plans. Wake up Wake up.

      1. Talking about these things is not doing anything. Time for talking and commenting to stop. We either love freedom or we don’t.

        1. its time to show the democrats what a real BLOOD BATH IS. CIVIL WAR. I will Die on my feet pulling a trigger rather than on my knees because I kneel to NO S. O. B.

    1. He has business dealings in China. His in laws are heavily connected to the communist party, in China. They gave money to his campaign. Isn’t that illegal?! Seems to me, old Mitch isn’t much better than Biden. He wouldn’t have been re-elected without Trumps endorsement. He was all to happy to suck up to Trump then! I think Trump thought he was keeping the party together. I bet he wishes he never helped the swamp rat! Mitch needs to go!

  3. Apparently Mr. McConnell is more interested in feathering his own nest
    than doing the right thing. Trump did not incite the riot on Jan 6th. When are they going to just let it go and leave Trump alone. My gosh… this has befn going on for over 4 yrs. JUST LET IT
    GO. Enough is enough already!

    1. I have been thinking along the same line.
      The email I get asking for money needs a way to box for comments involving a “piece of our minds”.

  4. McConnell needs to be fired. He stabbed President Trump in the back. Even after Trump helped him get re-elected. I would in no way every vote for the man again. This man is a disgrace to his party ,
    Plus the American people. He should be ashamed of his hisself

  5. If McConnell votes to impeach Donald Trump he might as well kiss his title of Senator goodbye because the good people in Kentucky will not vote him back into office! I have a lot of friends in Kentucky and they will not vote for him in the next election if he votes to impeach!!!

  6. The whole problem is, what are we Conservatives too do? I refuse to donate anything to most of the Republicans in the House and the Senate. They have proven to be cowards and all they seem to do is hide under their little desks but I will NEVER vote for any Democrat. Who do we vote for? Even if you vote for a new Republican they tend to just do the same. What do we do????

      1. Your right. I hope that Trump will form that “PATRIOTS PARTY”. I WILL JUMP RIGHT ON BOARD. I really hope that their are some Republican Officials reading these comments.

    1. There is a new movement.
      Stand for America, Nikki Haley.
      Blexit, Candice Owens
      Battle cry for 2024 ‘RE STOR the REPUBLIC’

  7. I hope there is someway by law that his state can take him out and replace him. If so; than they need to do it This butt head needs to be gone. He is not a ture republican.

  8. So the Conservative Institute is filled with thought police that governs what people post. Interesting! Are you in felloship with Twitter and Facebook?

  9. mconnell you are a turncaoat demo. you should be tared and feathered just like pelosi and her gang. you all will be held responsible at the hands of god.

  10. Kentucky …CENSOR Mitch. He is a backstabber. Trump got him reelected. Trump is not responsible for the Capital Riots. Everyone with a brain knows it. This is pure politics, nasty politics.

  11. Remarks before reading fbi. Report gets you in trouble Mitch the start was before Trump finished his speech by50 minutes antivia and black lives moving. When they got up there gates where opened. Look at photos leaders of black lives and antiva arrested busted windows Ge real Mitch and ALL republicans thank you

  12. Maybe these faux Republicans should read the official speech…not once did President Trump invite anyone. These turncoats need to go. When Republicans act like they are for our best interest then we (my husband and I) will donate but why would we give to the party that turned on our President? Who should be impeached? McConnell, Cheney, Romney and the list goes on.


  14. If you are a patriot, a conservative, a republican, an American, please consider following President Trump to the new Patriot Party or MAGA Party. I am completely done and disgusted withe GOP. I will never give one red cent to them. We need to come together, and take our country back. Mitch undoubtedly stabbed President Trump in the back, along with any others that voted for impeachment. We the People deserve much better leadership in Washington.

  15. The Republican Party is going through a cleansing followed by a rinse cycle and fluff drying to eliminate the dirt and odor!

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