Two Republicans join all Senate Democrats in vote to confirm Dr. Rachel Levine as top HHS official

With just two Republicans voting in support of the move, Dr. Rachel Levine on Wednesday became the first openly transgender official to be confirmed to a federal position by the United States Senate, The Hill reported.

The new assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was confirmed in a 52–48 vote in Congress’ upper chamber, with GOP Sens. Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins (ME) joining all Senate Democrats in favor of Levine’s nomination by President Joe Biden.

“The arc of history is long but it keeps bending in the direction of justice,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said ahead of the vote, according to The Hill.

“As transgender Americans suffer higher rates of abuse, homelessness, and depression than almost every other group, it’s important to have national figures like Dr. Levine who, by virtue of being in the public spotlight, will help break down barriers of ignorance and fear,” Schumer added.

GOP cries foul

Schumer also said the “historic nature” of Levine’s nomination “should not be lost on anyone, but Dr. Levine thoroughly deserves to be confirmed on the strength of her qualifications.”

Drawing on Levine’s experience as Pennsylvania’s physician general and secretary of health, not all Republicans agreed with Schumer’s messaging, however.

Among the loudest voices in opposition to Levine’s confirmation was North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr (R), who sits as ranking member on the Senate Health Committee.

Burr pointed to Levine’s role last year in responding to the coronavirus pandemic as evidence that the newly confirmed official isn’t up to the task.

“Along with the testing challenges from last spring, your state failed to adequately protect nursing home residents from the virus, and is making unacceptable mistakes in the vaccine distribution process,” Burr pressed Levine during Wednesday’s confirmation hearing, according to The Hill.

“Complex” issues

Levine also had a contentious exchange during the hearing with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) over the issue of whether minors are capable of making the decision to undergo a gender transition.

“Do you support the government intervening to override the parents’ consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and/or amputation surgery of breasts and genitalia?” Paul asked, according to the Daily Wire.

Levine reportedly refused to give a direct answer, however, instead merely saying that the issue is “very complex.”

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23 Responses

  1. When a person who advocates for the physical abuse of children unable to make mature Informed decisions independently (for good reason); encourages and scrapes the bottom of some kind of medieval methods of torture barrel of excuses for the genital mutilation and morbid experimentation inflicted on the innocent; who is so openly determined to further ensnare children by pitting them against their parents (and He would like nothing more than to exert full control over your kids make no mistake – this is what I see feel and hear when looking at it & listening to it talk) – when that day comes we’re really in trouble. Uh-oh. Already happened? We’ll live to regret this social engineering crime against humanity. I’m not concerned about hate and shade cast toward me for my opinion. At least it’s rooted in right vs wrong and there IS a line of demarcation. This forced “tolerance” of individuals put into positions in which their judgement and/or dedication to a severely compromised ideology isn’t questioned for fear of being the first to say “the emperor has no clothes on” crosses that line. Shame on anyone who would deliberately push these agendas.

  2. “The arc of history is long and so is Levine’s “Johnson”, but like Bill Clintons it keeps bending in the “right” direction,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said ahead of the vote, according to The Hill.

    1. “As transgender Americans suffer higher rates of abuse. Homelessness, and depression than almost every other group…” why would the Senate approve someone with that degree of RISKS.? Fellow Americans we are so far down on the wrong road. I am more concerned than ever the crunch is near. ROBERT

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  4. Oh my gosh! I am very disappointed to hear this. This person is just an old man with long straggly hair.
    Biden really scrapped the bottom of the Barrel this time.

  5. Now you see why I stopped giving money to the e mails that want me to give to the…..rnc, including rinos and the likes of these two. Also the so called reps that are in the house and keep following that mental case, the drunk, mental one and only palozi. Heck the reps (RNC) can not even control its own members and then ask for money. ??

  6. Those 2 Repubs are a damn discrase i hope when or if they run again the voters of the states in ? fire them and get decent members.

  7. Agree with all posts! This is an outrage! Not ALL kids want to be trannys! This is blatant child abuse! This “ person” should be in jail, NOT directing a government agency! We must demand removal of this person from office immediately! And sickos murkowski and Collins must be recalled, kicked out of the senate and the Republican Party! What the hell is wrong with these people? Have they NO morals??? Both of them are too old to be making any judgements, they are compromised!

  8. Neither murkowski mor collins belong with the GOP any longer, they have gone against and crossed the line too many times now, and then they turn and go against their own gender(nice work, hint, hint….) they can use him for a doctor, but there is no way in hell, you would ever see me in his office.

  9. Levine is a piece of trash that should never have even been considered for a position in the federal government. Every Senator who voted to confirm Levine is a disgrace to the office they hold.

  10. God created MAN. From MAN, God created WOMAN. We call humans “MAN”-kind…. Now Man thinks that he can create something called transgender??? Guess what happens to “man-kind” when they start trying to imitate The Creator!!!

  11. when I look at these 2 they should invite Rachel and get a room,these people are Sick shame on Maine and Alaska

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