‘No laughing matter’: Texas Sen. Cornyn wants Biden and Harris to come to the southern border

Vice President Kamala Harris raised eyebrows on Monday after she broke out laughing and replied “Not today!” when asked by a reporter if she had any plans to visit the nation’s southern border.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) found the incident anything but amusing. During an appearance Tuesday on Fox News, he made clear that what’s going on at the border is extremely serious. 

“It is no laughing matter, and I wish the vice president and president would come to the border,” the Texas senator said.

“Be glad to welcome them”

The Republican lawmaker added that he would “be glad to welcome them there to learn what I’ve learned, talking to the experts, the Border Patrol, Health and Human Services, as well as the local officials and stakeholders who are bearing the burden of this open border policy of this administration.”

Cornyn said he is traveling with a number of other senators to the border to help them grasp what is really going on.

“Senator Cruz and I are taking 13 of our colleagues from the Senate to the border, as I’ve done before, to try to help them understand, let them get exposed to the same sort of expertise and advice that I have,” he said.

“I’ve been there, as you can imagine, on numerous occasions. But the Border Patrol is telling us that you cannot build enough facilities, you cannot build enough capacity to keep up with the expected increase in the flow of people coming across the border,” the senator added.

Biden administration to blame

Cornyn blamed the massive influx of migrants rushing to the border on rhetoric from the Biden administration, saying, “The green light is out.”

“[S]o far, the administration is sending no signals that you won’t be able to make it successfully across,” he said.

Although the Biden administration has refused to characterize the present border situation as a crisis, Fox News reported that the administration is considering sending migrants to northern border states as a way to cope with the numbers — a report the administration has denied.

Further, Breitbart cited sources within the United States Customs and Border Protection who said migrants apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley are being released without a court date.

“This is insane,” an unnamed CBP official said. “It is another pull factor that will overwhelm us.”

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25 Responses

  1. Maybe we should put them back on Buses to their original homes. That would be better then where they are!!

  2. Just watched the first by dottering old Biden with his cheat sheets that he read the answers of. What a joke – how embarrasing. I’m really afreaid for the country and the huge taxes that will be coming our way soon. We as voters have to get this stopped.

    1. I say the only ones that should have their taxes raised are 537 individuals in Washington DC. If you get my drift. The 535 in the combined House and Senate and the two that had the election rigged so they could take residence in the people’s house.

      1. I believe this is a lot more serious than just those 537 individuals because many of our citizens have no idea who is really controlling what is happening. Biden and his administration are only mouthpieces.
        I see every branch of our government falling in line and the media also controlling what is going on. So who is in control of this. Look no further than the Deep State but don’t be fooled by thinking it is former President Obama or the Clintons. They are under the thumb of someone even more powerful but their quest is the New World Order which they want the United States to be a part of.

    2. I agree completely with your idea Joyce. We;re wide pen to diseases that
      Americans have already wiped out and the vaccine ordered is based on our American population without all these poor people. I do feel bad for all the kids, not their fault!! Tell the idiots that cheated and voted him in.
      I’ll NEVER consider him my President my family are all for Mr. Trump

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  4. Send them to White HOUSE..they can sleep on floor where Natiolnal Guards slept and feed them junk the gusrds were fed!!

    1. White House seems like good idea, treat them like the Dems treated our soldiers in DC to “Protect Not OUR President”

  5. Whats the deal Biden blaming Trump for whats going on at the border Biden did that all bye him self Trump had the border alright until Biden put his two cents in it he’s got alot of nerve

  6. Put up fences around the Capitol, because someone might get hurt. Stop building the wall at the border. What about citizens being hurt? HYPOCRITES. Democrats daring anyone to start civil war. Put all illegals on a one way bus ride to Washington DC. Cheaper to charter a bus than give welfare, social security, free health care and free education. Who needs out dated FB.

  7. As bad amd corrupt as Biden is… Harris is worse….And this is the “best” the Dems have……………….?????????????????

  8. If you sow the wind, you’ll reap the whirlwind. They obviously didn’t think this open border thing through before they announced it. Now they have a mess that they’re afraid to deal with. I am of the opinion that if they won’t deal with it, the governor’s and congressmen and/or women should deal with it as they see fit. In the meantime both the president and his vice should be impeached for deriliction of duty and a new special election should be held where Donald Trump’s is allowed to run. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

  9. We have “crossed the Rubicon” by fraudulently electing a lifelong POLITICIAN; who has never held a real job in his life.
    Now what are we supposed to do; as his obvious incompetence destroys our nation?
    The only legal recourse is article 25; declaring him incompetent; filed by the VP; Kameltoe Harris. Like jumping out of the frying pan; directly into the fire.
    Face it folks; WE ARE SCREWED; America is screwed.
    I’m sure there are millions of good intentioned Americans who are now experiencing VOTER REMORSE. They took the media bait and voted for this turkey.

  10. I suggest they talk to ranchers who have lost livestock, property damage and homes broken into and robbed. You have to walk around armed on your own place. Not all that come across the border have good intentions. They will come here in less than a year they will have the place looking exactly like the place they fled from.

  11. Can you imagine what’s a spike in the virus is going to be like… with the death of so many American citizens shouldn’t they be impeached for putting all American lives in danger… and sadly we don’t have a president or vice president that support America the only thing they support is corruption

  12. D’Nesh D’Souza [forgive me if spelling isn’t correct] Great Author! He states that what is happening in this country is how it started in Venezuela! That country is destroyed! He’s the guy who put out the movie “Obama’s America”. He was even sent to jail by Eric Holder[Obama’s lackey]. He ended up in a work release program to serve his time because he came across an honest judge who clearly saw what Holder was trying to do to this man and so D’Nesh avoided real jail time! He wrote a book about it while he was detained called “Stealing America”. Such a bright guy,but the Left tries to shut him up because he dares to tell the truth about what is happening in this country. Any of his books are a great read! But sad to say my fellow patriots,unless we get control of the voting system in this country I’m afraid we’ll see another election like we did in 2020! Can’t we install ransom wear on the voting machines?

  13. That pathetic thing we call president was unbelievable. This is nothing more than the buffoon thinking we can’t see how mentally ill he is. 80 million people voted for this puppet? No way! Fraud! And after he’s gone, we have the laughing hyena to deal with. How can we survive this?

  14. We the American people are in a dangerous situation and we need to right this wrong. The administration is ruining our way of life. We are going to pay dearly with our lives and money. The Demoncrats do not care about what they are doing to the Americans. IMPEACH them all even those in Congress it is time for them to go.

  15. Can someone tell me where common sense has gone??
    When did all these flakes decide that anything is better than being an American citizen?
    When are politicians going to live up to the oath of office and protect America against all threats both domestic and and foreign???
    Why was our house leader Nancy Pelosi in Wuhan China one week before covid outbreak to U.S.

  16. James you were wondering where common sense went. It left on a nowhere trip on 11/04/2020. Nancy and her band of story tellers are saying or doing. They seem not to understand the constitution or rules of law on how they apply to them. They like to rewrite them all to fit their needs and wants at a given time.

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