Senator says FBI corruption investigation being slowed by Durham probe

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson says that John Durham’s special counsel investigation has slowed down a probe into the FBI’s corruption.

Johnson shared the remarks during an interview on Newsmax regarding Durham’s probe.

America deserves to know

“Our efforts in terms of investigating Hunter Biden and corruption within the FBI was certainly hampered because we had an active criminal investigation under John Durham,” Johnson said.

“The American public deserves to know the truth of the corruption that was occurring within the Department of Justice and the FBI,” he added.

Stalling on Hunter

“They don’t even let the U.S. Attorney in Delaware answer our oversight request in terms of [whether] people have been recusing themselves. So there’s an enormous cover-up going on here,” Johnson also said in a past attack regarding the Hunter Biden scandal.

“The FBI, the Department of Justice have not been forthright. I don’t think they’re rigorously investigating this,” he added. “I’m concerned they’ll be involved in the cover-up as well. Even if they do indict, I fear they will seal the records, and the American public will never get the full truth,” he added.

The strong attacks on both Durham and the FBI show that there is much work remaining to make any progress on the FBI’s actions.

Between a raid on former President Donald Trump’s home and other recent actions, the trust level of Americans concerning the agency is at an all-time low.

The concern could also have an impact on Democrats up for a vote during the nation’s midterms next month as conservatives seek to put a stop to FBI corruption.