Arizona’s Democratic senators call for action from Biden on border crisis

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) may be a Democrat, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to sit back and let President Joe Biden flood her state’s communities with illegal aliens.

In a surprising rebuke, Sinema and fellow Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly (D) called on Biden to address the border crisis — even using the dreaded term that the White House has avoided like a pox. According to the Washington Examiner, the pair began a Wednesday letter in blunt terms: “There is a crisis at the southern border.”

“Securing the border”

In their letter, both Democrats called on Biden to share the burden of securing Arizona’s border with Mexico.

The Democrats also asked Biden to reimburse Arizona after their Republican governor, Doug Ducey, deployed 250 National Guards troops Tuesday, as the Examiner reported.

“This need for a secure and orderly process at the U.S. southern border should not fall on the state of Arizona or Arizona border communities,” Sinema and Kelly said.

They also asked Biden to “continue to increase DHS personnel who can further assist with the processing of migrants, securing the border, and executing important security missions,” and echoed concerns — mostly shared by Republicans — about the risk of migrants spreading COVID-19.

“We stand ready to work with you to support our border communities, secure the border, prevent the spread of COVID-19, and treat all migrants and unaccompanied children fairly and humanely,” the pair said.

Biden’s criminal neglect

At the local level, several mayors in America’s border towns have spoken out against the Biden administration for dumping migrants into their communities without warning. It’s worth noting that Arizona was a state that Biden unexpectedly carried in the 2020 election.

Some 170,000 migrants were apprehended at the border in the month of March, according to reports.

In the meantime, Biden has gone to humorous, absurd extremes to avoid confronting reality. When he accidentally used the term “crisis” last weekend, the White House promptly walked back his acknowledgment of the elephant in the room.

Amazingly, the White House claimed that Biden was referring to a “crisis” in Central America, not the United States — indirectly demonstrating just how little they care about the destruction Biden is causing back home.

Apparently, Biden thinks he’s the president of Honduras — but not all Democrats are ready to share in his shameful neglect, it seems.

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16 Responses

  1. well they wanted total control enough to fake an election out of hatred for a great president then you get what you deserve. I think all border jumpers should be sent to the Democrat controlled city’s

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  3. Pedo Joe only cares about securing power for his party by flooding America with ILLEGALS he can them make Citizens and they will owe Democraps their loyalty.

  4. Romney is done. And frankly, if something is not done now to correct this criminal fraud that has been nationally perpetuated, we may not see 2022. 2024 will be too late. Besides, 90% of politician’s are compromised and corrupt. It is time for NESARA to take a strong hold now. Or America is over.

  5. time for Obama and Harris to be impeached ….for crimes against the United States…These two should be wearing orange suits and making license plates!
    Along withe them would be Waters, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the “squad” idiots…time for most of congress to go and let’s get back to America! Biden is not a king that they accused Trump of being and he needs to stop barking orders like one..and Obama needs to shut his trap!

    1. Obama once said Biden was not good for the job but i can bet he voted for him so he could tell him what to do Obama should just go away and be glad it wasn’t push harder about where he was born like Kenya is what Obama’s father even said

  6. I think it is time that all the Democrats are seeing what is going on with Biden, especially the moderate Democrats. Biden is following the progressive Democrats leads and the treasoness Obama on his failed policies while he was president. He should have never been voted in for a 2nd term, must less trying to move Biden to his Agenda. All Obama’s policies failed. Biden is a liar in the worst ways and it’s about time that the Democrats see that. He will be the destruction of the Democratic party.

  7. We need weed out the Oscumites They are are cult members of Bathhouse Barry and his husband, Drag Queen formerly known as Big Mike

  8. Why are we being forced to vaccinate but the illegals don’t have to th we y need to vaccinate them too. And they don’t need money or housing given to them if they want to come here illegals as gals then they need to figure it out on their own

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