New York senators demand Gov. Cuomo be investigated for mishandling of group homes during pandemic

As the mainstream media and the nation focuses on the multiple allegations of sexual harassment facing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), his first scandal — which many argue is of much greater consequence — could be rising to the surface once again.

That’s because according to the Washington Examiner, four New York state senators have called on the Investigations and Government Operations Committee to launch an investigation into Cuomo’s policies that placed COVID-19 patients in group homes with those who weren’t sick, which resulted in hundreds of deaths. 

What’s going on?

In the early days of the pandemic, even though Cuomo had options like the enormous military hospital ship and a retrofitted arena to place infected patients in, he instead chose to place many of those sick people back into group homes and other nursing facilities.

That decision ultimately led to thousands of deaths — many of which probably could have been easily prevented if the sick people were mixed with the healthy, but vulnerable, populations at such facilities.

According to data from the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities — the group overseeing New York group homes — Cuomo’s orders that placed COVID-19 positive patients into the state’s 7,000 group homes resulted in 10,311 workers and 6,382 disabled residents contracting the deadly virus.

“Individuals residing in OPWDD group homes were three times more likely to contract COVID-19 and three times more likely to die from it compared to the general population of New York,” wrote Sen. Anthony Palumbo, who sits on the state’s Investigations and Government Operations Committee.

“A report also asserts that group homes received inadequate COVID-19 guidance from OPWDD, leading to logistical challenges and almost certainly allowing COVD positive residents and staff to return to group homes,” Palumbo added.

From bad to worse

We’ve all heard about the nursing home, COVID-19 death scandal that Cuomo is also under fire for allowing to happen, but the group home situation went largely unreported until now.

For those working in one of the thousands of group homes around the state, conditions were reportedly much worse than the state’s nursing homes, as staff were overworked, underpaid and not provided with the same priority as nursing homes as far as access to simple things like proper protective gear.

Republican New York state Sen. Mike Martucci, who sits on the state’s Mental Health and Disabilities Committee and co-signed Palumbo’s letter demanding an investigation, made clear that Cuomo is the source of the problems that plagued New York group homes.

“It’s time for the Legislature to step up and hold him accountable for all of his misdeeds, but in particular his order that exposed our developmentally and intellectually disabled citizens to this deadly virus,” Martucci said.

Only time will tell if Cuomo is ever truly held accountable for the massive number of deaths as a result of his poor decisions or his multiple counts of sexual harassment, but it’s not a stretch to presume at this point that his days as the governor of New York are likely numbered.

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17 Responses

  1. I TOTALLY AGREE! Cuomo needs to be criminally prosecuted for each death that he caused by his ignorance, incompetence, and total disregard for human life. he needs a life sentence in prison.

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  3. He needs multiple life sentences with no parole for what he did to innocent elderly people and the health workers there!

    1. Exactly!!! Dictators Wolf, Murphy, Whitmer, Cuomo and their ILK are guilty of murder and should be prosecuted accordingly. They will answer for their actions, either in this world or when they meet Lord Jesus. We all will , one way or another.

  4. Everyone who lost a loved one thanks to Cuomo’s WILLFUL IGNORANCE of putting Covid patients in the one place they should NEVER have been put. He should also be charged with MURDER in the first degree for each life lost because of his WILLFUL IGNORANCE. Stripping him of Everything would be a good start.

  5. What a pasture full of cow leavings….. These Dems new exactly what Cuomo is and was. Same for Bil Clinton. Harvey Wienstein.. Epstein…. The Maryland Sen who was on many of Epstein’s plane trips… howabout Stillwell… whose “honey ” is a Chinese spy>> And we have all seen howWELL Stillwell likesto talk……. Bidens$$Foundations Being one of Chinas highest paid employees.. All we hear is how fast China has improved their navy and air force. And we have have old Joe and son for that. Lil Hunter became the Chinese front man . they wanted to buy some companies that built strategic parts/ systems for our Navy and Air Force. .. these companies had DO NOT SELL .. DO NOT SELL TO CHINESE. Hunter and the Bid Guy got that changed because Hunter represented the VP…. Selling to our enemies.. people that want to destroy us all for the $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  6. Hope he gets what is coming to him he’s a murderer just like biden kamala palosi and all the rest that whant open borders they should all be convicted of murder letting people with covid-19 lose at the borders the people that live by the border need to sue the hole biden administration

  7. What an S.O.B. I worked 30 yrs in a group home for OMRDD. It’s bad enough he caused all the Nrsg home deaths but putting Covid Pts in the homes for the Mentally and Physically Handicapped🤬🤬🤬SCUM of the earth 🤬🤬🤬

  8. I still have nightmares thinking back those very dark days of New York at the high point of China virus and seeing Cuomo’s face mumbling about it everyday,
    like “self-appointed God” or “Ghost” !

  9. Cuomo needs to be arrested for Murder and Pelosi is a accomplice to murder she also needs to be in prison for life she is a wicked Witch that’s going to Hell

  10. This is a attention-grabbing post by the way. I am going to go ahead and save this post for my brother to check out later on tomorrow. Keep up the high-quality work.

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