Report: Democrat senators refuse to discuss sex assault claim against Biden

What a difference a year-and-a-half apparently makes.

While all but one Senate Democrat voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court in 2018, not one will even go on the record with questions or concerns about their party’s presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, as he stands accused of sexually assaulting a former aide, the Daily Caller reports.

Biden facing credible accusation

According to NPR, former Biden staffer Tara Reade claims that Biden touched her inappropriately and kissed her against her will in a Senate building after she brought him a gym bag back in 1993. When Reade recoiled from his advances, Biden allegedly replied, “I heard that you liked me,” and then declared angrily, “You are nothing to me.”

While there has been no physical proof or concrete corroboration of Reade’s allegation against Biden brought forth so far, the claim already appears to be significantly more credible than any of the allegations made against Kavanaugh. Unlike Kavanaugh’s accusers, Reade reportedly disclosed the alleged assault to her mother, her brother, and a friend soon after it happened.

Reade’s brother and the aforementioned friend confirmed the disclosure, and a recording authenticated by Reade as including the voice of her late mother calling in to CNN’s Larry King Live has surfaced in which she discussed “problems” her daughter was having with a prominent senator that could only have been Biden, The Intercept reported. In contrast, none of Kavanaugh’s accusers could produce corroborating witnesses to attest to the claims made against the then-Supreme Court nominee.

Democrats demur despite #MeToo

While Democrats in 2018 made indignant speeches against Kavanaugh for weeks and assumed his guilt in the absence of any evidence, not a single one will now go on the record to even call for an investigation into the allegations against Biden.

The Daily Caller contacted all 47 Democrat and independent senators to ask for a response, and not one of them would even take the call, let alone comment on the controversy surrounding Biden.

They are clearly between a rock and a hard place over the allegation, because if they support Biden, they are not “believing all women” as the #MeToo movement admonishes everyone to do. If they question Biden, however, they maintain their so-called integrity but risk damaging an already fragile presumptive nominee.

Double standard takes center stage

According to Fox News, actress Alyssa Milano, one of the biggest supporters of the #MeToo movement, has publicly denounced Reade and supported Biden in a blatantly hypocritical move, saying:

So we have to find this balance in the “believe women movement” and also giving men their due process. And, you know, realizing that we’re destroying lives, if we publicly don’t go through the right steps in order to find out if an accusation is credible or not.

Others in the #MeToo movement such as Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan called Milano out on her lack of consistency, according to Reason, with McGowan tweeting that Milano is a “fraud” and that she was colluding with Democrats to cover up the allegation.

Sanders supporters claim coverup

The failure of Democrats to address Reade’s allegation may cut into any votes Biden hopes to receive from supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), who was his main rival until the progressive firebrand suspended his campaign earlier this month, Politico reported.

Sanders has endorsed Biden, but Reade’s history as a prominent Sanders supporter could sow dissension regarding Biden’s candidacy among members of the Vermont senator’s base who will not allow the party to disregard credible claims of sexual misconduct. Reade, for her part, has said that she won’t vote for Biden, even if that means President Donald Trump is re-elected.

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