Several Americans detained in Turks in Caicos for having stray bullets in luggage

 June 11, 2024

Several Americans were recently detained in Turks in Caicos for entering the country with stray bullets in their luggage, according to

Since the passengers originated from America, a top GOP senator immediately launched an investigation into the American airport officials who allowed the passengers to go through security despite having "prohibited items" in their luggage.

There have been at least five Americans detained in the Caribbean country after trying to pass through security with "prohibited items" such as ammunition stashed in their bags.

This is an even bigger deal because of where they landed.

America's responsibility?

The Turks and Caicos Islands are very strict about ammunition charges, which come with a penalty of up to 12 years in prison. Of the five Americans who have been arrested there, some of them have been released back to America, but three are still facing charges.

Sure, the place that these people landed with the ammunition in their bags was outside of America, but that doesn't absolve America's Transportation Security Administration from wrongdoing. In fact, it makes things pretty much entirely their fault.

Obviously, security checks need to be completed BEFORE passengers board planes, so how was it that these people were allowed to board a plane in America with these "prohibited items" in the first place?

That's exactly what one Republican Senator is currently trying to figure out.

Lankford demands explanation from TSA

Sen. James Lankford (OK) pretty quickly sent a letter to America's TSA demanding an explanation for their "failure" to discover the bullets, which Lankford claims "raises serious concerns about TSA's ability to accomplish this critical security mission."

He's right.

Think about how intrusive airport security is. They can pat you down, go through your luggage. TSA scanners are even REQUIRED to be able to store your body scan information AND send those images if needed. And they STILL can't keep weapons off planes?

To be honest with you, if this was some sort of private security operations, this ridiculous intrusion of privacy combined with not even catching all threats would raise some serious concerns. With overinflated government programs and pork-barrel spending on things that don't really matter and benefits for our politicians, we see why private businesses run so much more efficiently than those run by our government.

It's a scary thought: how safe is TSA really keeping us? Could their violations of our privacy combined with there still being slip-ups mean that the TSA does more harm than good?

Well, it is run by the government, after all. Joe Biden has some serious questions to answer about his administration, and the TSA mishaps wouldn't be a bad place for him to start.

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