Sheriff Joe Lombardo wins Nevada’s governorship

According to Fox News, Republican Joe Lombardo is now projected to be the next governor of Nevada. 

In the process, Lombardo – the longtime law enforcement officer who became the sheriff of Clark County in 2014 – is unseating Democrat Steve Sisolak, the incumbent, who was the first Democrat to win Nevada’s governorship since 1994.

All votes in the race have yet to be reported. But, of the roughly 95% of votes that have been reported, Lombardo won 474,797, which is 49.24%. Sisolak managed 452,673 votes, or 46.95%.

Lombardo was endorsed in the race by former President Donald Trump.

Sisolak concedes

Even though votes are still being tabulated, Sisolak has conceded to Lombardo.

He did so in a statement that he released on Twitter.

Sisolak wrote:

While the votes are stil coming in – and we need every ballot tallied and every voice heard – it appears we will fall a percentage point or so short of winning. Obviously that is not the outcome I want, but I believe in our election system, in democracy, and honoring the will of Nevada voters. So, whether you voted for me or Sheriff Lombardo, it is important that we now come together to continue moving the state forward. That is why I reached out to the Sheriff to wish him success.

Sisolak went on to recall his time as governor and to promise the people of Nevada that, during the remainder of his term, he will “continue to work in every way . . . to make Nevada stronger.”

Lombardo celebrates

Lombardo has released a statement of his own celebrating his victory over Sisolak.

“I’ve dedicated my life to protecting and serving our community, and now, I’m honored to have the opportunity to protect and serve our entire state as your next governor,” he said.

Lombardo continued:

Our victory is a victory for all Nevadans who want our state to get back on track. It’s a victory for small business owners, for parents, for students, and for law enforcement. It’s a victory for all Nevadans who believe that our best and brightest days are ahead of us.

After thanking those who helped him to achieve this victory, Lombardo concluded, “Nevada, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the great trust you have placed in me. Donna and I can’t wait to get to work for our state in Carson City.”