Shooting at American Legion hall in Missouri leaves 1 dead, 4 wounded: Report

An American Legion hall was the scene of gunfire this weekend, local ABC station KAIT reported.

The early morning shooting in Kennett, Missouri, on Sunday left one person dead and four others wounded, two of whom are reportedly in critical condition.

No suspect in custody

According to authorities, a private party was being held at the Legion hall, with around 200 people inside the building. Around 12:25 a.m., someone called the police about someone shooting a firearm, KAIT reported.

Kennett Police Chief Kenny Wilson said that his agency is conducting an investigation in conjunction with the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Dunklin County Sheriff’s Office. The shooting suspect has not yet been identified.

“We’ve got officers working around the clock trying to run down whatever leads we have,” Wilson told reporters, according to KAIT.

“Right now, we have different officers in different towns running down different leads,” he said. “Hopefully, we’ll come up with something by the end of the day.”

The police chief went on: “I would stress to anybody that was at the party last night if they would come forward with any information they have, even if it’s something little, it may be something that helps us out tremendously in solving this case.”

Violence spikes across the country

Violent crime has escalated significantly over the past year, with some attributing the rise in violence to a hampering of law enforcement following the Black Lives Matter riots over the summer of 2020.

Fox News reported in December that gun violence in New York City has surged “to level unseen in years,” with shootings up 112% compared to the previous year.

“The year so far has presented significant public safety challenges with gun violence continuing to afflict New Yorkers across the city,” the New York Police Department announced in a press release.

Violence has also spiked dramatically in Chicago, with murders in the Windy City increasing by more than half over 2019, Fox reported.

“This has been a difficult year for law enforcement throughout the country as COVID-19 and civil unrest have converged to create changed environments in major U.S. cities,” police superintendent David Brown said in a statement. “Chicago is no exception.”

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22 Responses

  1. Welcome to the new third world country- America. Where criminals run lose in the streets, where our government is so corrupt that they put fence around the capital building because they are afraid of the American citizens. Terrorists groups backed by the Vice president, Hollywood nutcases. You stupid voters vote for this.

    1. All the Communist Demorats are the blame for all the Killing, Rape, Child Molesters, Gangs, etc., because they have released from the prison, thousands and thousands of Criminals.
      These Criminals should be sent to live in neighborhoods where Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Waters, Schiff, and other Communist DemoRATS INCLUDING THE PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD RESIDE.
      The only way things will change, is if one of these Communist DemoRATS ARE ATTACK, OR EVEN KILLED….MAYBE THEN THEY WILL CHANGE THE RULES.

        1. Rigged election: voting machines, ballot harvesting, illegal voting extensions, clandestine voting behind closed doors and curtained windows. Weak kneed judges who didn’t want to persue voting fraud. This includes the U.S. Supreme Court.

    1. K. Harris was busy this Summer bailing out criminals in Minnesota and now is vice president in almost every Democratic states and mayors crime rate has gone up and up, so much for law and order.

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  3. BLM and other groups have to be tied to Trump. Or was it CNN that paid some of them to dress up in Trump attire and blend in at the Capitol? Since maybe the Democratic Party claims Trump and his armed insurrectionists, with no evidence of weapons, said this, it must be true. After all everything the Democrats do is true. Everything Trump does is a lie.

  4. You foolish democrat’s that voted for one of the most corrupt governments in the history of the country will wish you did something different by the time its over. Already you have seen without a drought that The democrat party and a handful of it’s party members are crooked as it gets. There just getting started. So when there skeam to takeover the country hits full throttle don’t be surprised when you lose your place to be heard ,and your rights have been taken. Your ability to protect yourself and your family are just a distant memory . The dollar is worth about 30 cents and food is scarce. Just remember ,you voted for these fools Insurrection ? You haven’t seen insurrection yet, but it’s coming. Life as you know it now will be gone. Big brother will be in charge and any thought of the people making laws will be gone as well. Just seeing what’s already been done should give you some idea as to what’s to become the new norm. It won’t be pretty or easy. When we get to that point, just remember you democrat’s voted for it to happen. Happy now?

  5. This is what we get with so much fraud in our last election. I just hope we can survive these 4 years and then do a whole lot better at protecting against fraud next time. Biden himself told us about the extensive fraud he had set up before election and he was allowed to get away with it?

  6. With the dumbo crats encouraging blm, antifa and other morons to riot it is no surprise other morons believe it is okay to shoot and kill. How many people have to die because criminals with illegal guns are not afraid to be arrested and are not worried about gun control. Many legal gun owners are law abiding citizens, yet they are the ones the dumbo crats hate.

  7. All the comments against these stupid voters who wanted this retard and his corrupt gang the democrats was warned about him and his gang for months and yet they voted him in office with voter fraud stealing Trump ballots and replacing them with the idiots ballots, this liar had to be seen by people that should had the brains to say this guy is nuts and should have voted for president Trump now we’ll see all our freedoms vanish our jobs be taken away and illegal aliens running through our streets. Thanks for nothing.

  8. Your 100% right! We need people like you to run this country!
    God Loves you for sure! Hang on, Trump will be back.
    Look up in search: Simon Parkes Part 6
    you’ll sleep better tonight! Also, visit Parlor. Melania has updates on what’s Going down. Pray every night~ Something BIG is Going Down.

  9. Guns are not he cause of the rise in gun violence. The democrats are, with their let them demonstrate attitude, followed with no controls.

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