5 killed, dozens shot amid weekend violence in Chicago: Report

Friday marked the start of another weekend of violence in Chicago, where four people died and at least 15 others were shot within the span of a single day, the Washington Examiner reported.

By late Sunday night, local CBS affiliate WIFR in Chicago was reporting that at least 49 people had been shot in the city over the weekend. Five people died as a result of their injuries.

The details

The Chicago Sun-Times reports the Windy City had seen 1,386 people shot by the beginning of June this year, up from 1,116 people shot during the same period in 2020.

The latest shootings included a 30-year-old woman who was shot early Saturday morning while parking her car, according to the Examiner. She had reportedly been followed by another vehicle and was shot six times.

The woman was later transported to a local hospital, where she was in critical but stable condition, reports said.

As the violence continues week after week, Chicago’s Democrat mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is facing mounting calls to get a handle on it. The surge in violence comes despite notoriously strict gun laws in the Windy City.

The mayor’s response

But for her part, Lightfoot has steadfastly deflected, instead blaming neighboring states, the federal government, and even the coronavirus for the continued gun violence in her city.

“You raise the issue about the increase in gun violence, first and foremost we’re going to fight a losing battle when people can drive across the border to Indiana and other states and literally buy military grade weapons with any significant kind of background check and bring those weapons to the streets of Chicago,” Lightfoot told reporters in a press conference at the midpoint of her term, in May, according to ABC 7 Chicago.

“We need the federal government, which is uniquely qualified to help cities and states like ours, to step up and do the right thing,” the mayor added. “Our public safety ecosystem has been directly and dramatically impacted by COVID,” she said.

The bottom line

While Lightfoot may be trying to play the blame game, the reality is that people in her city are suffering — and she’s in the best position to do something about it.

Instead of pointing fingers, Lightfoot would be better served to take responsibility and work toward improving the situation in the Windy City, where police officers stand in strong need of more support in order to help citizens feel safe in their communities.

The weekend full of shooting deaths sadly no longer comes as a shock to many Chicagoans. Something needs to change — and soon.

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16 Responses

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  5. Maybe this idiot mayor needs to start issuing weapons out to the public so they can defend themselves. She certainly won’t step up and take blame for stupid policies and ineffectiveness of the PD hampered by…everything and everybody. Plus the fact that it appears only criminals and gangs have weapons because of the stupid knee jerk laws they have there about weapons.

  6. The Deplorable Mayor’s in Chicago, Ill. Could careless about what’s going on the Cities In the state of Chicago. She thinks it just a Great Pick’ nik and a Walk in the Park.

  7. Every bit as bad as Chicago’s crime rate is the arrest rate, only 12% for murder and that is not conviction rate. Drive bys, the most serious shootings are getting away with it.

  8. This Chicago Mayor is “TOTALLY” to blame for all the killings, lootings, riots, destruction of property and all out Mayhem in the City. She should be thrown out of office, for Malfeasance in Office, Failing to take proper action as the Leader of the City and blaming everybody else but herself, for all of this! She is a public disgrace (of course she’s a Democrat….”SURPRISE”!) so naturally people like her get away with “MURDER”! She does NOT support or defend the Police or allow them to do their job, with total support behind them.

  9. Not only is she a disgrace to Chicago, she is a disgrace to this state. She doesn’t give a crap about ANY lives. She pretty much said in an interview (after her election) that everyone needs to get on board with the New World Order. That pretty much said it all. Gun laws not being enforced. Children being killed by gangs with no regard for human life. Defunding the police. A corrupt Soros-bought DA. No jail time for criminals. When are the Chicago and Illinois voters going to wake up?????

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