Six weeks into new role, Harris has yet to visit border or hold immigration-related press conference

It has been more than six weeks since President Joe Biden first tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with tackling the diplomatic issues impacting a surge in immigration along the nation’s southern border.

As of Wednesday, however, she had earned the dubious distinction of effectively ignoring the ongoing crisis for 43 days straight.

“Root causes”

According to Fox News, Harris, who was chosen to respond to the emergency in March, has still declined to visit the border or hold a single press conference devoted to the issue.

Republican critics have been hammering her on her absence from the border for weeks, but she appears to be in no hurry to alter her behavior.

Harris has invited more scrutiny by traveling around the country to promote Biden’s agenda while strategically avoiding the U.S.–Mexico border. Her unusual approach has led to speculation surrounding what she is doing, if anything, to respond to a dramatic uptick in migration since Biden was inaugurated.

The administration’s talking points have generally focused on downplaying the crisis itself while blaming former President Donald Trump whenever possible. For her part, Harris has focused on the “root causes” of the immigration surge, notably poverty, crime, and extreme weather across Central America.

In remarks this week, the VP vowed to tackle each of these issues as part of her response to the issue.

“Created by Biden”

“When you look at the root causes, we’re also looking at issues of corruption,” Harris asserted, according to Fox. “Again, we’re looking at the issue of climate resiliency and then the concern about a lack of economic opportunity.”

Critics argue that Biden and Harris are unwilling to acknowledge, and therefore unable to confront, a crisis that has largely been caused by their own policies.

GOP leaders have increasingly implored the White House to reinstate Trump-era immigration rules that were widely rescinded or reversed in the earliest days of the current administration.

The vice president visited Rhode Island on Wednesday, leading Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to insist that she needs to “put Americans first and visit the Texas-Mexico border” to witness firsthand “a crisis created by Biden.”

While her critics can confront her all they like, it seems that Harris continues to pay them little mind.

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20 Responses

  1. If not talked about that t will go away…you already can see that it isn’t in the news as much. That’s the way they are playing it.

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  2. Need to end the corruption in southern countries, send help to them to remove corrupt politicians, then they can safely open and run businesses and then send entrepreneurs to these countries with industrial ideas so these people groups can be prosperous where they live instead of coming here and using up all our tax dollars

    1. Interesting fact: The President of Mexico filed an Official Complaint to the US and World Body with bank record proof that the Biden Admin is funneling $millions into a a violent Mexican political group who’s attempting a “Coup Detat” against him. Looks like we need to end the corruption in our country first! Jus Sayin…

    2. All the money the United States has sent to countries over the years has been pocketed by the politicians. It never gets used to help their own people. It never will. Biden and Harris could care less. They figure if they ignore the problem eventually people will forget about it. Biden said only a dictator would use executive orders. He has become a dictator. Harris wants the title but doesn’t want to do the work. They both need their a**es kicked out the door, along with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, just to name a few.

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  4. Oh Please !.she has screwed up since day one. She useless. Just there for the color of her skin. She has helped the destruction of America. Between her and idiot joe Biden America will fall unless someone with the backbone and guts to take these two traitors down. Any takers?

    1. You are 100% correct ! She is and always was a useless bimbo that made it where she is by questional means .(measuring words to prevent vendor) Her hook was Willie Brown and she has in addition to him has also ridden the race card to nauseam.

    2. Sorry but I agree with you, it’s like the more they can screw up the better they like it. I know Biden is ill, know he isn’t doing most of what is happening, Obama, pelosi, Schumer, probably more involved. Obama wasn’t the greatest before , and not now .

  5. DNC= Do Nothing Crooks. They rigged and stole the 2020 election. The only thing they are doing is destroying our Country. They MUST be voted out.

  6. Biden..has no idea what she is doing other than avoiding the office duties of Vice President. She is not qualified, maybe not even as a citizen. There is no end to the amount of fraud he Democrats have played upon the American people. The FBI, CIA, and DOJ all should be purged of the criminals that have resided in their ranks.

  7. They say no jobs, Biden did away with the pipeline which employed several thousand and kept our gas under 2 bucks a gallon which is almost 3 now. Kamalla is not very smart in the way needed, she knows how to get what she wants but not how to do the job.

  8. Can someone please tell me why biden harris pelosi and schumer have not had impeachment procedures brought up against them . In a blink of an eye if it was a republican the impeachment woul have started a long time ago .They are destroying our Country and everything we cherished . We can not allow them to continue and I beg our officials to take measures against these evil people .I deliberately did not capitalize their names . They don’t deserve my respect !

    1. That’s easy…the Dimwits control the house and for the most part the senate. Just wait until 2022 and we’ll see what is possible.

  9. All depends on the attitude of the person, sociaty, nation… Either they have spiritual, intellectual power to overcome evil, and they are willing, they shall succeed… Even from bad experience we can learn. Being a good Stewards, example of receiving by one five denar, other three and third just one denar… Biblical story we could learn from… So, yes, there is good heart to give someone fish, but even better to teach them how to fish in order to survive, possibly prosper!? There is too.muvh worry about we shall keep our peace… Let people fight their own fight!?

  10. she is arrogant, haughty and stupid all rolled into one. She has zero ability to handle the VP position.

  11. Prostitute Harris is best friends with Bathhouse Barry and his husband husband, ex linebacker formerly known as Big Mike They are anti American and anti Semitic Biden is clinically impaired and has his owown documented history of fibbing and corruption Need we say more?!! Pathological profiles

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